A Nagios plugin for monitoring Halo Online (Eldewrito) server status and player count.
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Eldewrito Nagios Plugin

Project by: United Federation of Gaming

Eldewrito Server
Eldewrito Nagios Plugin

Monitor Your Eldewrito Server!


This is a Nagios plugin for monitoring Eldewrito servers. It queries the Eldewrito server directly and pulls the version number and current player count.

I created this to be used with LibreNMS as described in their documentation.

I wanted to be able to graph the player count in my Eldewrito server with LibreNMS. This plugin makes that possible.

The server version is output as part of the response, and the player count is appended to the response performance data.

It's a very basic implementation and could easily be extended to pull additional statistics from the server if desired.


If you like anything from this repo, give us a follow!


If you have any questions feel free to email maintainer: help [AT] UFG [DOT] gg

Visit us at: https://ufg.gg | https://eldewritoserver.com


This utility depends on the presence of the following Linux software packages:

  • curl
  • jq

Usage Instructions

This is a Nagios plugin, so the intended location for the file is /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/.

To execute the plugin, you need to know the IP address and query port of your Eldewrito server. The default query port is 11775.

If you would like some specific details about how to set this up with LibreNMS to graph your player counts, check out this blog post which we've created about the topic.

Command Usage:

check_eldewrito -H $ip $port

Example Usage:

check_eldewrito -H 11775

Example Output

Example Output: (server is online and working)

OK - Eldewrito Version; | players=0;

Example Output: (sever is not responding)

CRITICAL - Eldewrito Server Did Not Respond;