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Standards-compliant, class-managed swipe display.
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Swipe & Snap Display. Just Add Images.

If you can:

1. edit an HTML list of links to your image files,
2. add class values to HTML to customize your display, and
3. post the art & pages to the web,

you can give readers a swipe display compliant to HTML4 & 5. Support for the display begins in browsers that support jQuery version 2.

This solution is based on the Thrillbent comics display, which Mark Waid & his team of creators credit Yves Bigerel's turbomedia comics challenge as inspiration.

Comics are the most powerful medium always available to create in. When the commercial availability of paper allowed it, US news stands supported over 600 comic titles, selling a billion issues a year. Everyone who earns the public's attention has to start somewhere. Take a look at the sample html to see how easy it is to give what you have to say a swipe display.

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