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Unitex/GramLab Setup Installer for Windows Build Status

Unitex/GramLab is an open source, cross-platform, multilingual, lexicon- and grammar-based corpus processing suite.

This NSIS script is used to create the Unitex/GramLab setup installers for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) on POSIX compliant systems. NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a scripting tool to create Windows installers. Installers are generated by using the makensis program to compile a NSIS script (.nsi) into an executable. NSIS is released under an open source license and is completely free for any use. For more details, please visit the nsis website.

Script dependencies

  • NSIS distribution (version >= 3.0). Type makensis -VERSION to test your version.
    If you need an update version, please visit nsis
  • GNU awk (version >= 3.0) Type awk --version to test your version.
    If you need an update version, please visit

Script compilation

makensis -DVER_MAJOR=# -DVER_MINOR=# -DVER_REVISION=# [OPTIONS] unitex.nsi

For a full list of compiler flags supported by this program, just type makensis unitex.nsi [return] at the command line. For a full list of parameters and further information about the makensis command, type makensis [return].


Before beginning, please remember that this program only compiles on POSIX compliant systems (i.e. not on Windows). This is mainly due to the use of the !system command thats runs with /bin/sh. There aren't any plans for a Windows support at the moment.

  1. Download the Unitex/GramLab package source containing the Unitex/GramLab source distribution.
  2. Unzip all files in a folder at one time.
  3. Take notice of the main folder name:
    Unitex-GramLab-${VER_MAJOR}.${VER_MINOR}${VER_SUFFIX}, e.g.
    Unitex-GramLab-3.1 VER_MAJOR=3 VER_MINOR=1 VER_SUFFIX=""
    Unitex-GramLab-3.1rc VER_MAJOR=3 VER_MINOR=1 VER_SUFFIX="rc"
  4. Take notice of the parent folder name, i.e. the directory where the
    Unitex/GramLab distribution directory is placed. This directory will be your ${INPUT_BASEDIR} location.
  5. Create the final setup installer typing:
    makensis -DANONYMOUS_BUILD -DINPUT_BASEDIR=path -DVER_MAJOR=number -DVER_MINOR=number -DVER_SUFFIX=suffix unitex.nsi
    For example:
    This will create an executable named: Unitex-GramLab-3.1beta_anonymous_win32-setup.exe

Non-anonymous builds are further documented here

Setup installer command line parameters

The produced Unitex/GramLab Windows setup installer accepts several optional command line parameters. Some common options are:

Option Description
/AllUsers Set default to a per-machine installation
/CurrentUser Set default to a per-user installation.
/D C:\path\without quotes\ Sets the default installation directory. It mustbe the last parameter and must not contain any quotes. Only absolute paths are supported
/NCRC The installer will not perform a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) on itself before allowing an install
/S Runs the installer or the uninstaller silently

Setup installer features

  • User selection of Unitex/GramLab installation components (Core Components,
    Visual IDEs, Linguistic Resources, Source Code, User Manual, Start Menu
    and Desktop Shortcuts).
  • Several installation types : Full, Standard, Minimal and Custom.
  • Automatic JRE (Java Runtime Edition) detection. If the JRE isn't installed,
    a dialog allows the user to choose between a manual or automatic install.
  • System language detection to preselect Linguistic Resources to install.
  • Same, older or newer version detection.
  • Application, Manual, and Web links shortcuts.
  • Admin or user installation mode support.
  • Mixed-mode installer that can both be installed per-machine or per-user.
  • Silent mode support for batch installs.
  • Uninstall support.
  • Support for a web installation mode.
  • Check for updates.
  • User interface i18n.


Support questions can be posted in the community support forum. Please feel free to submit any suggestions or requests for new features too. Some general advice about asking technical support questions can be found here.

Reporting Bugs

See the Bug Reporting Guide for information on how to report bugs.

Governance Model

Unitex/GramLab project decision-making is based on a community meritocratic process, anyone with an interest in it can join the community, contribute to the project design and participate in decisions. The Unitex/GramLab Governance Model describes how this participation takes place and how to set about earning merit within the project community.


Unitex/GramLab is spelled with capitals "U" "G" and "L", and with everything else in lower case. Excepting the forward slash, do not put a space or any character between words. Only when the forward slash is not allowed, you can simply write “UnitexGramLab”.

It's common to refer to the Unitex/GramLab Core as "Unitex", and to the Unitex Project-oriented IDE as "GramLab". If you are mentioning the distribution suite (Core, IDE, Linguistic Resources and others bundled tools) always use "Unitex/GramLab".


We welcome everyone to contribute to improve this project. Below are some of the things that you can do to contribute:


This program is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1. Contact for further inquiries.


Copyright (C) 2021 Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée


Unitex/GramLab Setup Installer for Windows








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