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Unitex/GramLab website Code Climate

Unitex/GramLab is the open source, cross-platform, multilingual, lexicon- and grammar-based corpus processing suite

This is the repository for the website running at The site is maintained by the Unitex/GramLab Website Editors Team


Local Install

To install your own copy of the Unitex/GramLab site, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download Grav from the site
  2. Extract the ZIP archive into a directory in your webroot (e.g. ~/www/unitexgramlab-org/)
  3. Download and extract, or Clone, the unitexgramlab-org repository as ~/www/unitexgramlab-org/user/
  4. Run bin/grav install from the root (e.g. ~/www/unitexgramlab-org/)

At this point the required plugins and vendor libraries should be installed, and your local site should be fully functional.


We welcome everyone to contribute to improve this project. Below are some of the things that you can do to contribute:


Currently the site is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, more translations are welcome. If you are interested in volunteering to translate email and we will contact you. Files to translate are located at:

Note that there are no plans to translate blog posts.


If you are interested in volunteering creating a new blog post about Unitex/GramLab and Natural Language Processing, please follow these steps:

  1. Fork us

  2. Copy the directory pages/ to a new location inside pages/

    cp pages/ pages/
  3. Edit the file named pages/ Take care to change the title, date, tag, author and published attributes. A Markdown tutorial is avalaible here. You can use an online Markdown editor like to review your post before commit.

  4. Commit your code:

    git commit -m "Add my-new-blog-post-name" pages/
  5. Push the changes to your remote repository on GitHub

    git push origin
  6. Request a pull to the develop branch.


Feel free to submit bug reports or feature requests

Contributors and Credits

  • Developed by Cristian Martinez and powered by Grav. A complete list of contributors is avalaible here. A comprehensive list of credits can be found here.


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