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Demo Project using the Universal RP from Unity3D
C# ShaderLab HLSL
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hkr and Verasl Bugfix/nan (Verasl#53)
* Update BushTest normal map

Filled with (0, 0, 1) where alpha was < 1
Re-normalized all normals and replaced invalid values with (0, 0, 1)
Set alpha channel to 1

* Vegetation ShaderGraph: Normalize normal before master node

This normalize should not be necessary, but the specific normal map of lower LODs of the palm trees otherwise generate NaNs during tangent to world space transformation.
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Note:This repositry uses GitLFS, to use this repo you need to pull via Git and make sure GitLFS is installed locally

Boat Attack

Demo Project using the Lightweight Render Pipeline from Unity3D

Click for Youtube Video

This Unity project has been created to aid the testing and development of LWRP. The project is a small vertical slice of a boat racing game, complete with raceable boats and island environment.

Project Features:

  • Uses LWRP(Lightweight Render Pipeline) from Unity
  • Mobile optimized, low poly, LODs, no compute
  • C# Jobs buoyancy system
  • Cinemachine camera setups
  • Shadergraph usage
  • Postprocesing v2 with Volume blending
  • Custom LWRP rendering for planar reflections via SRP callbacks
  • Custom SciptableRenderPass usage for WaterFX and Caustics
  • Gestner based water system in local package(WIP)
  • Much more..

Demo Footage


Via your Git GUI(or terminal/commandline) clone* down and open in Unity. Make sure you clone down the relative branch depending on unity version you are using, you will find them via release/20xx.x for the version you are using. master branch is a development branch and used with the latest version of SRP, due to this the project has local links to the directory of the SRP cloned down on a specific machine, meaning to use this you will need to clone down SRP and point to the directories via package manager, more info can be found here.

Feel free to post any issues, but know this is a 'as is' repo, it's meant more for discovery of how some of the LWRP features work and a learning resource for some tricks.


As this project is on goinig there is a lot more left that needs to be worked on, so I repeat this is not a resource for production ready workflow ideas or systems and lots of it was put together very quickly.

Some of the things left to do:

  • Make water system more modular and improve UX
  • Improve boat AI
  • Add imposter rendering for vegetation
  • Make menu system to switch between Demoing/Playing/Benchmarking
  • Impliment Unity Physics
  • Optimize cross platform performance and stability
  • Code cleanup
  • Wiki explaning features/systems in more depth
  • Add more sizzle....

Sunny Island


Andre McGrail - Design, Programming, Modeling, Texturing, Sound

Alex Best - Modeling, Texturing

Stintah - Soundtrack

Special thanks to:

Felipe Lira - For Making LWRP

Tim Cooper - Assorted SRP code help

And thanks to many more who have helped with suggestions and feedback!


*Make sure you clone the repo as downloading the zip will not contain the GitLFS files(all textures/meshes etc)

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