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Endless Runner Sample game

Current Used Unity Version : 2019.3

This repository use tags for versioning. Look in the Releases section to download the source for specific other Unity version, or use git tag to checkout a specific version (e.g. git checkout 18.2)

Cloning note

This repository use git Large File Support. To clone it successfully, you will need to install git lfs :

Now you git clone should get the LFS files properly. For support of LFS in Git GUI client, please refer to their respective documentation


This project is a "endless runner" type mobile game made in Unity

You can find the project on the Unity asset store (Note that this is the old version not using Lightweight rendering pipeline & addressable, see note at the end of this file. Assets stor version will be updated when Addressable is out of preview)

A INSTRUCTION.txt text file is inside the Asset folder to highlight diverse important points of the project

An article is available on the Unity Learn website highlighting some part of the code.

You can also go visit the wiki for more in depth details on the projects, how to build it and modify it.

Note for this Github version

This version include feature not in the released game in the asset store version:

  • A basic tutorial when the game is played the first time
  • The use of the new Lightweight Rendering pipeline
  • The use of the new Addressable System that replace the Assets Bundles.

Documentation is still not up to date in the wiki. Updating is in progress