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Unity Data-Oriented reference

Here is a quick reference of the features and concepts that have been introduced in this documentation by ECS, the C# Job System, and Burst. There is also a list of general computing terms that are useful to know when learning the Unity Data-Oriented Tech Stack.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and can be added to over time as the Unity Data-Oriented Tech Stack, and its related documentation, expands. Some documentation is located in the Unity Manual or Script Reference, as some Unity Data-Oriented features are part of the Unity Engine and some features are available in related packages. Some definitions below are not completed or are a "work in progress" marked with WIP.

Table of contents

Unity Data-Oriented terms

General computing terms

Further information

Check the Unity Data-Oriented manual for more examples on usage, or the Unity Data-Oriented cheat sheet for quick links to the code.