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Project Tiny Samples

This repository contains samples for Project Tiny. Please read through the Project Tiny guide to understand the current project state, limitations, and getting started information.

Current samples:


A "Hello World" style sample with minimal assets & code. It's a great starting point for a new "clean" project.


Intended as a lightweight example of the type of content you can build with Project Tiny. It is a complete game slice showing a number of elements such as accepting input, implementing simple AI, handling collisions, and similar. Please explore and play around with the sample project to get a feel for what developing with pure DOTS looks like.


Demonstrates how to use the blendShape feature and showcases how to do a simple character selection.


Uses physics to showcase simple game play with colorful level design and advanced authoring workflow. In addition to that Tiny Kitchen uses custom web template.


Illustrates how to combine simple Unity Physics behaviors and common input methods (keyboard, touch, mouse).


Demonstrates how to use in-game text rendering, Skinned mesh renderer and how to dynamically chagne the scene lighting.


Demonstrates how Animations can be added to a scene (no code).


Demonstrates Particle System the first iteration of the particle system which mirrors a subset of the functionalities available with the built-in Particle System (aka shuriken).


Demonstrates how to do Dynamic meshes creation at runtime.

TinyGems and TinySpaceship

2D sample projects that showcases some of the features that can be found inside the 2D Entities package.