Scriptable Render Loop

Unity Scriptable Render Loop testbed

NOTE: this is a testbed for a Unity feature that has not shipped yet! The project does not work with any public Unity version, and things in it might and will be broken.

"Scriptable Render Loops" is a potential future Unity feature, think "Command Buffers, take two". We plan to ship the feature, and a new modern built-in rendering loop with it. For now you can look around if you're really curious, but like said above, this is not useful for any public Unity version yet.

There's a more detailed overview document here: ScriptableRenderLoop google doc

Did we mention it's a very WIP, no promises, may or might not ship feature, anything and everything in it can change? It totally is.

For Unity 5.6 beta users

  • Unity 5.6 beta 1, 2 and 3 should use an older revision of this project, tagged unity-5.6.0b1 (commit acc230b on 2016 Nov 23). "BasicRenderLoopScene" scene is the basic example, with the scriptable render loop defaulting to off; enable it by enabling the component on the camera. All the other scenes may or might not work. Use of Windows/DX11 is preferred.