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Position Node


Provides access to the mesh vertex's or fragment's Position, depending on the effective Shader Stage of the graph section that the Node is part of. Use the Space drop-down parameter to select the coordinate space of the output value.


Name Direction Type Binding Description
Out Output Vector 3 None Position for the Mesh Vertex/Fragment.


Name Type Options Description
Space Dropdown Object, View, World, Tangent, Absolute World Selects the coordinate space of Position to output.

World and Absolute World

The Position Node provides drop-down options for both World and Absolute World space positions. The Absolute World option always returns the absolute world position of the object in the Scene for all Scriptable Render Pipelines. The World option returns the default world space of the selected Scriptable Render Pipeline.

The High Definition Render Pipeline uses Camera Relative as its default world space.

The Lightweight Render Pipeline uses Absolute World as its default world space.

Upgrading from previous versions

If you use a Position Node in World space on a graph authored in Shader Graph version 6.7.0 or earlier, it automatically upgrades the selection to Absolute World. This ensures that the calculations on your graph remain accurate to your expectations, since the World output might change.

If you use a Position Node in World space in the High Definition Render Pipeline to manually calculate Camera Relative world space, you can now change your node from Absolute World to World, which lets you use Camera Relative world space out of the box.

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