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Scriptable Render Pipeline

What is the Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP)

The SRP is a new Unity feature that has been designed to give artists and developers full control over the Unity rendering pipeline, giving them the tools they need to create modern, high-fidelity graphics in Unity. SRP allows developers to write C# scripts to control the way Unity renders each frame. By exposing the Unity rendering pipeline to C#, Unity becomes less of a “black box” as developers can see and control exactly what happens during the rendering process.

Developers can use the two built-in pipelines that are provided as part of SRP (the Lightweight Pipeline and the High-Definition Rendering Pipeline(HDRP), they can develop their own pipelines from scratch or they can modify the provided pipelines to adapt them to their own requirements.

This wiki contains beta documentation for the SRP, Lightweight Pipelines and HDRP. Documentation on this wiki is subject to change and may be incomplete. At this stage we are seeking feedback, but this feature is incomplete and subject to changes (API, UX, scope). It is not ready for production yet, and not covered by regular Unity support. You can direct your questions and feedback to the preview forum. (link:



SRP Core
High Definition Render Pipeline
Lightweight Render Pipeline
Shader Graph
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