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Installing LWRP into an existing Project

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You can download and install the latest version of LWRP to your existing Project via the Package Manager system.

To install LWRP into an existing Project:

  1. In Unity, open your Project. In the top navigation bar, click Window > Package Manager to open the Package Manager window. Select the All tab. This tab displays the list of available packages for the version of Unity that you are currently running.
  2. Select Lightweight Render Pipeline from the list of packages. In the top right corner of the window, click Install. This installs LWRP directly into your Project.

Note: Before you can start using LWRP, you must configure it by creating a Scriptable Render Pipeline Asset and changing your Graphics settings. To learn how, see Configuring LWRP for use.

Note: Switching to LWRP inan existing Project consumes a lot of time and resources. LWRP uses custom shaders and is not compatible with the built-in Unity shaders. You will have to manually change or convert many elements. Instead, consider starting a new Project with LWRP.

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