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This documentation refers to features that available as preview and that are under continuous development. This section is a early, incomplete, work-in progress and, as such, contents and features described here are highly likely subject to change.

Welcome to the documentation page of the Visual Effects Editor (VFX Editor). Here you will be able to access a variety of topics to be start working with the new Unity Visual Effects toolchain.


The visual effects editor comes along with the HD ScriptableRenderPipeline and ShaderGraph, it is supported starting 2018.3. It requires the following:

  • Unity 2018.3 or newer
  • Compute Shader support for your build target.
  • Windows or Mac editor (Linux is still experimental at the moment)
  • HD Render PIpeline configured project


This section covers the different aspects of the Visual Effects, its philosophy and the main concepts you will encounter while working with the graph, and the game objects.




SRP Core
High Definition Render Pipeline
Lightweight Render Pipeline
Shader Graph
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