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Contains an example game with GameTune integrated
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Endless Runner Sample game

Cloning note

This repository use git Large File Support. To clone it successfully, you will need to install git lfs :

Now you git clone should get the LFS files properly. For support of LFS in Git GUI client, please refer to their respective documentation


  • Developed and tested on Unity 2019.2.3f1
  • For code styles brew install uncrustify -> ./scripts/
  • For building and running on device
    • Add Bundle identifier in Player Settings
    • To make Unity Ads work add iOS and Android Game IDs to PackageInitializer in Start scene
    • To make Unity GameTune work add Unity Project ID to PackageInitializer in Start scene

Branch details

This branch is cloned and slightly modified version of EndlessRunnerSampleGame


  • Trash Dash game
  • UnityAds 3.0.1 package and integration
  • UnityGameTune 2.0.0 package

GameTune info

GameTune documentation

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