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A component for giving Game Objects a GUID and a class to create references to objects in any Scene by GUID
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Guid Based Reference

License - Please see in this repository

Summary A component to give a Globaly Unique IDentifier (GUID) to a Game Object. This GUID can then be used to reference an object even if it is another Scene, not loaded yet, or otherwise not easy to directly reference.

Maintainers William Armstrong

To Use:

Add a GuidComponent to any object you want to be able to reference.

In any code that needs to be able to reference objects by GUID, add a GuidReference field.

GuidReference.gameObject will then return the GameObject if it is loaded, otherwise null.

Look in the CrossSceneReference/SampleContent folder for example usage.

Load up the LoadFirst scene, and then use the SceneLoader object to load 'LoadSecond'

You should see the CrossSceneReferencer object find the CrossSceneTarget object, and set both of them to start spinning.

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