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* Torch

* Set torch to default

* Make torch default in

* Remove indents

* Remove other instances of TF being used

* Add tensorboard to

* Adding correst setup commands for verifying torch is installed (#4524)

* Adding correst setup commands for verifying torch is installed

* Editing the test_requirments to add tf and remove torch

* Develop torchdefault raise outside setup (#4530)

* Torch not imported error to raise at first usage

* Torch not imported error to raise at first usage

* [refactor] Use PyTorch TensorBoard utils (#4518)

* Convert stats writer to use PyTorch TB support

* Use common function to print params

* Update test

* Bump tensorboard to 1.15 to fix the tests

* putting tensorboard 1.15.0 as min version requirement

Co-authored-by: vincentpierre <>

* [Docs] Initial documentation changes for making Torch the default (#4561)

* Initial commit

* Forgotten doc

* Removing the `` as it is deprecated

* Readding the depreacted but leaving it unchanged

* more references to tensorflow removed

* Update

Co-authored-by: Ervin T. <>

* Change references to .nn to .onnx in docs (#4583)

Co-authored-by: Ervin T. <>

* [refactor] Add --tensorflow, enable Torch as default setting (#4582)

* Add --tensorflow option

* Switch framework to Pytorch default

* Update changelog

* Re-add --torch

* Edit warning

* Modify Yamato tests (#4584)

* Don't check for PB file in Yamato inference

* Only run inference on ONNX

* Update docs/ with correct tf2onnx versions

Co-authored-by: Chris Elion <>

* Add reward signal class comments

* More descriptive import of is_available

* Updated installation instructions for PyTorch

* More reward signal comments

* More Windows instructions

Co-authored-by: Vincent-Pierre BERGES <>
Co-authored-by: Chris Elion <>
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Unity ML-Agents Toolkit Documentation

Installation & Set-up

Getting Started

Creating Learning Environments

Training & Inference

Extending ML-Agents

Python Tutorial with Google Colab


API Docs


To make the Unity ML-Agents Toolkit accessible to the global research and Unity developer communities, we're attempting to create and maintain translations of our documentation. We've started with translating a subset of the documentation to one language (Chinese), but we hope to continue translating more pages and to other languages. Consequently, we welcome any enhancements and improvements from the community.

Deprecated Docs

We no longer use them ourselves and so they may not be up-to-date. We've decided to keep them up just in case they are helpful to you.

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