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MonoDevelop is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for mono using Gtk#.

See for more info.

Build Status

Directory organization

There are two main directories:

  • main: The core MonoDevelop assemblies and add-ins (all in a single tarball/package).
  • extras: Additional add-ins (each add-in has its own tarball/package).


If you are building from Git, make sure that you initialize the submodules that are part of this repository by executing: git submodule update --init --recursive

If you are running a parallel mono installation, make sure to run all the following steps while having sourced your mono installation script. (source path/to/my-environment-script) See:

To compile execute: ./configure ; make

There are two variables you can set when running configure:

  • The install prefix: --prefix=/path/to/prefix

    • To install with the rest of the assemblies, use: --prefix="pkg-config --variable=prefix mono"
  • The build profile: --profile=profile-name

    • stable: builds the MonoDevelop core and some stable extra add-ins.
    • core: builds the MonoDevelop core only.
    • all: builds everything
    • mac: builds for Mac OS X
    • You can also create your own profile by adding a file to the profiles directory containing a list of the directories to build.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the 'extras/JavaBinding' and 'extras/ValaBinding' packages do not currently work. When prompted or by manually selecting them during the './configure --select' step, make sure they stay deselected. (deselected by default)


You can run MonoDevelop from the build directory by executing: make run

Installing (Optional)

You can install MonoDevelop by running: make install

Bear in mind that if you are installing under a custom prefix, you may need to modify your /etc/ or LD_LIBRARY_PATH to ensure that any required native libraries are found correctly.

(It's possible that you need to install for your locale to be correctly set.)

Packaging for OS X

To package MonoDevelop for OS X in a convenient file, just do this after MonoDevelop has finished building (with make): cd main/build/MacOSX ; make. You can run MonoDevelop: open or build dmg package: ./


Mono >= 3.0.4
Gtk# >= 2.12.8
monodoc >= 1.0
mono-addins >= 0.6

Special Environment Variables


If this environment variable exists we assume we are compiling inside wrench.
We use this to enable raygun only for 'release' builds and not for normal
developer builds compiled on a dev machine with 'make && make run'.

Known Problems

"The type `GLib.IIcon' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced" This happens when you accidentally installed gtk-sharp3 instead of the 2.12.x branch version. Make sure to 'make uninstall' or otherwise remove the gtk-sharp3 version and install the older one.

xbuild may still cache a reference to assemblies that you may have accidentally installed into your mono installation, like the gtk-sharp3 as described before. You can delete the cache in $HOME/.config/xbuild/pkgconfig-cache-2.xml


MonoDevelop website

Gnome Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) standards

Integrating with GNOME (a little out of date)


Discussion, Bugs, Patches (questions and discussion) (track commits to MonoDevelop) (track MonoDevelop bugzilla component) (submit bugs and patches here)

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