A library of Shaders created using Unity 2018.1's Shader Graph.
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Shader Graph Example Library

Player Lineup


This project is a library of different custom shaders created using Unity 2018.1's Shader Graph feature. All of the shaders are compatible for the Lightweight Scriptable Render Pipeline.

These Shader Graphs are provided as-is; so your mileage may vary! You are more than welcome to modify/change/extract/use any of the examples.

The current list of Shader Graphs included:

Mesh Renderer:

  • Colored Rim
  • Scrolling Texture Overlay
  • Colored Gradient
  • Sliced (Inspired by Sliced Shader in Surface Shader Documentation)
  • Snow
  • Toon Ramp (No Lighting Data so I used a manual Vector 3 property for Light Direction)
  • Texture Dissolve (With Colored Edge)
  • Hologram (Using Screen Position)
  • Colored Ghost Noise
  • Phase In And Out (Split with a Colored Edge)


  • Basic Solid Circle
  • Basic Soft Circle
  • Spiral


  • Basic Sprite (Simple)
  • Basic Sprite (Sub Graph)
  • Hologram Overlay
  • Glowing
  • Gradient
  • Normal Map


  • Shape Ellipse
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Shape Rounded Rectangle
  • Shape Polygon
  • Shape Ring
  • Shape Multiple
  • Shape Multiple Different Colors
  • Shape Inverted
  • Shape Tiled
  • UV Offset Ping Pong
  • UV Auto Rotation
  • UV Auto Scroll
  • UV Auto Orbit
  • UV Warped
  • UV Warped Ping Pong
  • UV Spherized Ping Pong
  • UV Shape Scale Ping Pong
  • UV Auto Transforms Combined
  • Color Ping Pong
  • Color Random Flicker
  • Color Linear Gradient
  • Color Radial Gradient
  • Color Split
  • Color Split Ping Pong
  • Color Soft Split
  • Color Soft Split Ping Pong
  • Pattern Stripes
  • Pattern Checkerboard
  • Pattern Shatter
  • Pattern Shatter Auto Rotation
  • Pattern Rings
  • Pattern Rings Auto Scroll
  • Pattern Spiral
  • Pattern Spiral Auto Rotation
  • Pattern Fish Eye
  • Noise Color Blend
  • Noise Color Blend Auto Scroll
  • Noise Color Split
  • Noise Color Split Ping Pong
  • Noise Color Split Waves
  • Noise Circle
  • Noise Circle Auto Scroll
  • Noise Voronoi
  • Noise Voronoi Shuffle

Software Requirement

Required: Unity 2018.1.5

Package: com.unity.render-pipelines.lightweight: 1.1.10-preview

Known Issues

There is sometimes an issue when opening the project for the first time that textures set in the Material Inspector aren't being applied properly; the current 'fix' is to open the related Shader Graph, click the "Save' button and the Material should update. :)


if you have any issues & requests for the Shader Graph Example Library; please reach out to Andy Touch:

And please get in touch if you use any of the examples for anything! :)