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U8 is the JavaScript + C++ Universa-specific runtime environment implementation using V8 JavaScript engine.

Its primary purposes is to provide Universa project with the high-performance network-capable executing environment, capable of executing the business logic written on modern, convenient and programmers-friendly programming language, being also free of licensing issues (such as, the current Oracle policy of JDK licensing).

Being based on the V8 engine, it supports the modern flavor of JavaScript language (including ES7 standard features, such as async/await). Besides the great optimization capabilities of V8, it also has the optimized implementations of performance-critical Universa-specific functions and processes, written on clear C++ – essentially merging the power of low-level C++ code with the convenience of JavaScript.


For the documentation on the U8 project, please view the U8 page in Universa KB.

The latest documentation on the whole Universa project is available in Universa Knowledge Base at For a visual guide on the documentation topics, visit the Universa Development Map at



To build U8, you need the following packages installed:

  • Clang version 8 or higher – distributed within the project. This is the primary compiler used to build the project.
  • G++ version 8 or higher – used to provide the standard C++ library for the Clang to compile.
  • Cmake, for the building process.

Build procedure

# Set clang as active compiler
export CC=/usr/bin/clang-8
export CXX=/usr/bin/clang++-8

# Prepare
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -G "CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" -B./cmake-build-release .

# Clean
cmake --build ./cmake-build-release/ --target clean -- -j

# Buildbuild-release
cmake --build ./cmake-build-release --target all -- -j

After that, in the cmake-build-release directory you get the u8 binary which may now execute the JavaScript scripts, like:

cd cmake-build-release
./u8 ../testmain.js

Docker image

U8 is runnable as a universa/u8 Docker image from Docker Hub. For more information, check out the Github source for the Docker image.

Extra information is available in Knowledge Base, at


Copyright (c) 2019-present Sergey Chernov, iCodici S.n.C, All Rights Reserved.

At the current moment, no concrete license is defined yet for U8. During the active development stage, U8 is provided for trial and academic purposes only; for business licensing questions please contact us via