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Releases: Universal-Team/3DVier

3DVier's initial Release!

17 May 17:30
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Now it's time for 3DEins's good friend: 3DVier!**

3DVier is a Connect Four clone for Nintendo 3DS.

What has been added?

  • Game is fully playable. (Right now only Multiplayer on one console.)
  • Multi Language support. (Right now English & German only.)

Basically.. this is the initial Release, so it doesn't have much to Mention on the first Release.

Stack-Store's UniStore will be updated in a bit, so you can download 3DVier by using Universal-Updater!

If you like to see Screenshots, take a look inside the Screenshots Directory of this repository or look at the ReadMe.

I hope you have fun with 3DVier and enjoy using it! ~SuperSaiyajinStackZ