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With the discontinue of LeafEdit, the core is now discontinued as well.

This is the core which LeafEdit uses for save editing.

LeafEdit-Core is going to support the following games:

  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

For a list of all currently implemented features, please take a look here.

If you notice a bug, which might be related to the core, feel free to create an issue at the issues section or let us know on the Universal-Team's discord server here. Just let us know at the #animal-crossing channel, that's where all of the LeafEdit-Core and LeafEdit | WildEdit app stuff gets discussed.

Using LeafEdit-Core

NOTE: This requires C++17 or later(?), to compile. LeafEdit uses C++17.

To use LeafEdit-Core, you will need to create a file called leafedit_core.hpp.

The file SHOULD look like this:


#define _LANG_PATH "romfs:/lang/strings"
#define _ITEM_BIN_PATH "romfs:/itemBins"


You can also do it within the Makefile with the CXXFLAGS for example.

-D_CORE_CONFIGURED would be required if you use this.. so it does not read from the leafedit_core.hpp file then.

While.. the definitions should be, where the specific stuff is stored. On 3DS, it'll be inside the ROM filesystem, hence romfs:/, while on different platforms, it might be just the path.. such as strings.

If you would like to work with Item Whitelisting, you will also need the .bin files from the ItemBins. These files should be placed in the path defined by _ITEM_BIN_PATH.


  • Cuyler, Slattz, NLTK, ACSE: For previous core work from NLTK, ACSE and research.

  • piepie62: For helping me out by problems and PKSM-Core's Save Structure. LeafEdit's Core Structure is very similar to the one from PKSM-Core.

  • Pk11: For helping me with the Core Rewrite.

  • RedShyGuy: For helping with the core.

  • SuperSaiyajinStackZ: The Main Developer of LeafEdit.


For a list of all contributors, look at