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@SuperSaiyajinStackZ SuperSaiyajinStackZ released this Jan 4, 2020

v2.2.0 is again one of a large update.

What's new?

  • UniStore Implementation!
    ^ More about it in our Discord Server for now.

  • Refactor the GUI and do everything Script related to "Scripts".

  • Add 2 Bar Styles. (One with the bar graphic, and one with just solid rectangles.)

You need help? Then don't be shy and join our Discord Server here.

More about UniStore can also be found here and here probably later/tomorrow.

To get TinyDB for now back, go to "UniStore", "Store search", "GitHub" and enter by "Owner & Repo": SuperSaiyajinStackZ/UniStore and by "filename": TinyDB.unistore. I host the file for now until the TinyDB file get's updated to support it properly. If you want to be up-to-date with that, then join our Discord Server.

Happy discovering of Universal-Updater v2.2.0! ~Universal-Team

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