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Logo Pokémon Chest

License: GPLv3 GBAtemp thread Discord Server: #pkmn-chest Build status on GitHub Actions Translation status on Crowdin

A Pokémon Bank for the 3rd through 5th generation Pokémon games for the Nintendo DS(i).

The top menu (top screen) In the boxes (top screen) Editing a Pokémon (top screen)
The top menu (bottom screen) In the boxes (bottom screen) Editing a Pokémon (bottom screen)

Table of contents


Setting up your environment

Compiling this app requires devkitPro's devkitARM and libnds. These can be installed by getting devkitPro pacman, then running: sudo dkp-pacman -S nds-dev
(command may be slightly different depending on your OS)

You will also need the bmp2ds graphics converter in your PATH named bmp2ds.

Cloning the repo

To clone the repo run git clone --recursive (Note the --recursive, that is needed to clone the submodules)

If you already have the repo without the submodules you can run git submodule update --init --recursive to get the core submodule and the memecrypto submodule inside it.


Simply run make in the pkmn-chest source directory


The best way to talk to us is to join our Discord. If you want to report a bug or request a feature you can do so in a GitHub Issue. You can also talk on the GBAtemp thread.


Crowdin is the preferred place for translating pkmn-chest as it manages keeping the languages synchronized and provides useful features when translating like screenshots for context. You can join the pkmn-chest project with this invite link. If you don't want to use Crowdin you can send an updated app.json file on our Discord or the GBAtemp thread (linked above) or in an Issue here, direct Pull Requests editing the app.json files are not preferred since that messes with Crowdin's syncing.

If you'd like to help translate pkmn-chest to a language that isn't yet supported, or for a regional variant to be created for an existing language, please either make a feature request issue requesting the language be added, ask on our Discord or the GBAtemp thread (linked above), or send Pk11 a message on Crowdin.


Main Developers

  • Pk11: Main developer