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UD_Kaapor-TuDeT is a collection of annotated sentences in Ka'apor. The project is a work in progress and the treebank is being updated on a regular basis.


UD_Kaapor-TuDeT is a collection of annotated sentences in Ka'apor. It is part of TuLaR, Tupían Language Resources, which contains other languages -- see TuDeT. The sentences are being annotated by Fabrício Ferraz Gerardi, Carolina Aragon, Gustavo Godoy, Jingwen Li, Kuan Tang, N'Zinga van Dunen Santiago, Sifan Zhu, and Tatiana Merzhevich.

Text sources

  • Duarte, F. B. (2019). The particle ‘ke’ as a differential object and subject marker in Ka'apor. Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi. Ciências Humanas, 14(3), 805-826.
  • Gustavo Godoy. 2020. Os Ka'apor, os gestos e os sinais. PhD thesis, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.
  • Godoy, Gustavo and Ka’apor, Wyrapitã (2017). Ka'apor. In On this and other worlds, in Kristine Stenzel and Bruna Franchetto On this and other worlds, 467-480. Language Science Press.
  • Kakumasu, J. (1986). Urubu-Kaapor. In Desmond C. Derbyshire and Geoffrey K. Pullum, Handbook of Amazonian languages, volumen 1, 326-403.
  • Kakumasu, J. (?). Urubú Grammar, SIL.
  • Kakumasu, J. (1977). Connectives in Urubú narratives. SIL.


The development of the treebank is supported by the by European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. 834050).



  • 2021-05-15 v2.8
    • Initial release in Universal Dependencies.
=== Machine-readable metadata (DO NOT REMOVE!) ================================
Data available since: UD v2.8
License: CC BY-SA 4.0
Includes text: yes
Genre: nonfiction news
Lemmas: converted from manual
UPOS: converted from manual
XPOS: manual native
Features: converted from manual
Relations: converted from manual
Contributors: Gerardi, Fabrício Ferraz; Aragon, Carolina; Godoy, Gustavo
Contributing: elsewhere