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After 200 commits and exactly 1 year (to the day), UGUI's first official version is now released:


  • Multiple simplified ways to run a CLI using NW.js
  • Easy File System access to read/write/delete files and folders.
  • Custom argument value definitions
  • UI Goodies like auto locking/unlocking of submit buttons based on required form elements
  • Error checking
  • Custom UGUI Developer tools to make life easier.
  • Bootswatch system comes preloaded with 19 theme options, Developer Tool bar lets you quickly try them out and keep the one you like.
  • Previewing CLI help menu from within NW.js
  • CLI command output preview updates in real-time
  • Multiple CLI support in a single app.
  • Almost a complete re-write of the EZDZ plugin for use with Bootstrap, Bootswatch, and NW.js
  • Range Slider's come with the default template
  • Saving and Loading of settings.
  • Exposing parts of the ugui.js file to the ugui global object to make life easier for developers.
  • The best documented source code in the history of ever!
  • and many.... many more