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UniversalMailer 3.0

UniversalMailer is a Mail.app plugin that aims at setting the default font for outgoing emails and fixing issues with attachments (especially when passing through MS Exchange/Outlook). It also removes those annoying ATT0001 files from your emails, bringing mail composing to the 21st century :)

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Do I need it?

UniversalMailer will make your day if any of these sound familiar to you:

  • Your sent email contains unwanted ATT00001.htm or ATT0001.txt attachments
  • Your recipients can see only part of your message and they have to open ATT000x attachments for the rest
  • You want control over attachments and image inlining
  • You want your email to have a specific font but are tired of manually select it
  • Your sent emails are hard to read because of an out of control font size

If any of that describes your frustrations, give UniversalMailer a try and see if it can simplify your workflow!

Reporting issues

The plugin is not perfect: it might shows some quirks from time to time. If you think you encountered a bug you can use the issue tracker here on GitHub to report it. While issues are well organized and ordered, be sure to follow these simple rules in favour of quicker bug fixing:

  • be sure to read existing issues to avoid duplicates
  • provide as much information as you can, you can enable logging in the plugin preference panel to log what's happening
  • if you can reproduce the problem, specify as much information as possible on how to replicate it (plugin version, your language, the plugin preferences, whether you included attachments, what kind of attachments etc.)
  • when you create an issue, tag it with the 'bug' tag

The issue tracker is also a good place to ask for new features, just tag them as 'enhancement'.

Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 2016 noware under GPLv3. All rights reserved.

UniversalMailer uses Sparkle.framework to check for updates, check Sparkle project website for license and other information. The Google Analytics Tracker framework is released under MIT license. See website for more information.