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Installers for Windows and Mac OS X and tarballs for Linux can be found at:
To install UMS from the tarball on Linux, open a terminal and enter the
following commands (replace <version> with the version you're installing):
Note: These instructions have been tested on Ubuntu 12.04, but something similar
should work on most Unix distributions)
1) Install the dependencies (this only needs to be done once):
sudo apt-get install mediainfo openjdk-7-jre
# you can also optionally install dcraw and VLC: sudo apt-get install dcraw vlc
2) Download the tarball e.g.:
# if wget isn't installed, run: sudo apt-get install wget
3) Extract the tarball into a ums-<version> directory:
tar xzvf ums-<version>.tgz
4) Run (note: UMS should NOT be run as root):
cd ums-<version>
UMS accesses some files in the ums-<version> directory (the working directory).
Other files will be looked for in ~/.config/UMS