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A Javascript client for the Chimp protocol that's built on top of APE
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This is a javascript client for the Chimp protocol which is built on top of APE

You can try it out at

It's built on top of the official APE client.

It adds the following:

   APE error reporting
   Simpler API

= Configuration =

You need to create an ape_config.js file in js/ in order for the app to work

If you're running everything as localhost, you can simply copy the file js/ape_config_example.js to js/ape_config.js

Now set up a webserver that has the files from this project in its root dir and listens on port 80.

Using this setup, you will need an internet connection. Yes even for local development. If you want to understand why, or get around that, read on. Otherwise go to and you're ready to go.

APE needs a very high number (how many?) of
subdomains like:

The example conf uses *, which resolves to

If you don't feel like needing an internet connection for local development
you have to add these many entries to your /etc/hosts 
(remembering to edit the ape_config.js file)
or run a local DNS server.

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