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Universebenzene's personal Gentoo overlay.

Including some old software that no longer supported by official portage.

Alternative building of astropy related packages (more improvement for the doc building and testing, though some of them only work when the network-sandbox FEATURE is diabled. See the USE descriptions for details. (more information)

Related overlay: benzene-testlay, with some packages testing. You can add it for interest.

This overlay is available on Gentoo repositories. You can add it simply through several tools (e.g.: layman -a benzene-overlay or eselect repository enable benzene-overlay).

It's recommended to mask the whole overlay and then unmask just the packages you need, in order not to get mixed up with other overlays with same packages. (e.g. for using wps-office: echo "*/*::benzene-overlay" > /etc/portage/package.mask/benzene-overlay; echo "app-office/wps-office::benzene-overlay" >> /etc/portage/package.unmask/benzene-overlay)

Available packages (some dependencies are not listed here)

Some science related miscellaneous python package are listed in a separate table below, in order to simplify the main table.

Doc/sphinx and Doc/MkDocs related packages are listed in separate tables here and here

Package name Available version Additional information
app-editors/formiko 1.4.3; (live)
app-i18n/fcitx-table-other 0.2.4-r1 Slot 4 with modified icon name in order to be able to install along with fcitx:5. For more support for installing fcitx4 along with 5, try benzene-testlay.
app-office/wps-office; Add CN version and more language support (encouraged by AUR). From you need to set locale outside to get multi-language support. Please focus on the output after merging the package. Dependency media-libs/freetype-wps:2 like AUR can be included without system-freetype USE flag to fix the bold font issue, which is provided by @123485k
app-pda/i4tools 1.0.038{,-r1}; 1.0.055{,-r2} net-nds/openldap-compat is included in this overlay for fixing the issue (爱思助手)
app-text/{de,es,fr}helper 12.7.1 Converted from AUR (欧路德语/西语/法语助手)
app-text/eudic 12.7.1 Converted from AUR (欧路词典)
app-text/goldendict 1.5.0; 22.12.02_p20230924104339; (live){,-r22} Dropped by official portage. Fix the ebuild for pg_overlay. Version above 22 and 9999-r22 are forked versions from here which can use qtwebengine instead of qtwebkit
app-text/powerword 1.2 Encouraged by AUR (金山词霸)
app-text/ydcv 0.7; (live) Need other overlays (like guru or HomeAssistantRepository) if you enable pkg-info use. Some other issues here (有道词典命令行-python版)
app-text/ydcv-rs 0.6.3; (live)
app-text/ydgo 0.6.3; (live) Needs interactive inputing during merging process. PAY ATTENTION TO THE OUTPUT MESSAGES (有道词典命令行-go版)
app-text/youdao-dict 6.0.0-r3 Converted from AUR. In order to use this you must use the patched QtWebkit and PyQt5 with webkit USE flag in this overlay INSTEAD OF THE OFFICIAL ONE (有道词典)
app-vim/indentLine 2.0; (live) Live version is recommended
app-vim/vim-indent-guides 1.6; (live)
dev-cpp/gtkspellmm 3.0.5 Dependency for gimagereader[gtk]
dev-lang/gdl 1.0.0_rc3-r3; 1.0.1-r3; 1.0.4-r1 Allow gdl and the python module installed at the same time
dev-python/aioftp 0.22.3
dev-python/corner 2.2.2
dev-python/dask 2024.4.1 Dropped by official portage
dev-python/exifread 3.0.0
dev-python/glfw 2.7.0 Dependency for glue-vispy-viewer>=1.2.0
dev-python/glymur 0.12.0; 0.12.9_p1; 0.12.9_p2; 0.13.2_p1; 0.13.4
dev-python/hsluv 5.0.4
dev-python/memray 1.10.0; 1.13.3 BINARY WHEEL VERSIONS are used to avoid npm building
dev-python/nose 1.3.7_p20221026-r1 Dropped by official portage
dev-python/oldest-supported-numpy 2023.12.21 The numpy version limitations are changed from == into >=. If you have better solution, just bring issues or pull requests.
dev-python/parfive 1.5.1; 2.1.0
dev-python/PyQt5 5.15.10-r1 Add webkit USE flag (dropped by official portage) to get youdao-dict in this overlay work
dev-python/pydantic-settngs 2.3.4
dev-python/pytest-cython 0.2.2; 0.3.1
dev-python/pytest-socket 0.7.0
dev-python/api4jenkins 2.0.3
dev-python/python-jenkins 1.8.2; (live) Dependency multi_key_dict is also included but not listed here
dev-python/vispy 0.13.0; 0.14.3
dev-python/yt 4.0.5; 4.1.4; 4.2.2; 4.3.0; 4.3.1 Full doc building needs huge amount of data, so cannot complete locally.
dev-python/zarr 2.18.2
dev-qt/qtwebkit 5.212.0_pre20200309-{r1,r2} Add patch to get youdao-dict in this overlay work (the -r2 is a test for upgrade EAPI to 8, and might be a little buggy with youdao-dict.)
dev-util/micromamba{,-bin} 1.5.6 dev-util/mamba[micromamba] in gentoo-zh is recommended if you want source version and don't care about testing. Also need gentoo-zh to provide dependency dev-cpp/reproc, dev-cpp/tl-expected and sys-libs/libsolv .
gnome-base/gconf 3.2.6-r6 Dropped by official portage but required by net-misc/oss-browser-bin. Copied from KBrown-pub and kzd overlays but fix dependency dev-util/gtk-doc-amdev-build/gtk-doc-am
gui-apps/regreet 0.1.1; (live) Encouraged by guru but better naming and packaging. Needs enabling the guru overlay if you enable the cage flag.
media-fonts/wps-office-fonts 1.0 WPS Linux旧版自带方正系字体
media-gfx/gpaint 0.3.3 With patches from Debian
media-gfx/fontweak 1.3.1 GUI for fontconfig
media-libs/gmtk 1.0.9 Dropped by official portage. Dependency of media-video/gnome-mplayer
media-video/bcwc_pcie (live version) Slightly edited from menelkir's overlay. If you have any problems about enabling kernel options, take a look at this.
media-video/facetimehd-firmware (live version) Converted from AUR. 9999 indicates the git repo of the downloading tool, not the real version of the firmware (1.43.0 right now).
media-video/gnome-mplayer 1.0.9-r1 Dropped by official portage
media-sound/ting-{de,en,es,fr}}-bin 9.4.1 欧路每日德语/英语/西语/法语听力
net-im/electron-qq-bin (masked) 1.5.7; 2.1.4 Already deprecated and renamed as Icalingua (also in this overlay)
net-fs/ossfs 1.91.3 阿里云对象存储OSS Bucket挂载工具
net-im/electron-wechat-bin 1.0.0 Newer project of Electron-built WeChat, a.k.a. Freechat
net-im/electronic-wechat-bin 2.3.1; 2.3.2 (masked) Version 2.3.2 is a fixed version by UOS header. However Tencent will limit your account if you use this version, so it's masked now. See here for more information.
net-im/icalingua++-bin 2.7.7; 2.9.13; 2.12.8 Previously called Electron QQ. A branch of previous deleted repo, with limited support.
net-im/wemeet;; Encouraged by AUR (腾讯会议)
net-libs/libaxon-bin 1.0.2 Backend for Purple OICQ
net-misc/baidunetdisk 3.0.1; 4.3.0; 4.17.7 Converted from AUR and encouraged by fixing from @vowstar (Also in gentoo-zh overlay, while upgrade will be faster here) (百度网盘)
net-misc/baidupcs-go 3.6.2; 3.8.1; 3.9.5_beta(template); 3.9.5; (live) Also in gentoo-zh overlay, while upgrade will be faster here. Proxy may needed if you use the 9999 version, as the is banned in some regions
net-misc/baidupcs-go-bin 3.6.2; 3.9.5_beta(template); 3.9.5
net-misc/landrop 0.4.0; (live)
net-misc/oss-browser-bin 1.18.0 Encouraged by AUR (阿里云对象存储OSS图形化管理工具)
net-misc/ossutil 1.7.18; (live) 阿里云对象存储OSS命令行工具
net-misc/sunloginclient;; Converted from AUR, but versions ABOVE may have some problem with OpenRC users (needs libsystemd). See here for details and solutions(向日葵远程控制)
net-misc/todesk 4.1.0-r4;; Encouraged by AUR (ToDesk远程控制)
net-misc/xunlei-download Converted from AUR (迅雷Linux)
net-news/quiterss 0.19.4; (live) Dropped by official portage along with qtwebkit
net-proxy/gg 0.2.13; 0.2.18
net-proxy/v2raya-bin 1.5.1698.1; Converted from AUR. Needs other overlays like gentoo-zh. From 2.2.1 only armv7 source is used for arm KEYWORD. If you need armv6 one, try editing the SRC_URI yourself.
sci-astronomy/aladin-bin 12.060
sci-astronomy/astrometry 0.78; 0.80; 0.85; 0.95-r1 Add USE for switching the netpbm support
sci-astronomy/healpix 3.82 3.83_pre20240419 sci-libs/libsharp needed for the cxx USE flag is also in this overlay but not listed in this table directly
sci-astronomy/topcat 4.8; 4.9.1
sys-block/diskus 0.7.0; (live)
sys-libs/libsystemd 254.8-r1; 254.10; 254.12; 254.13; 254.14; 254.15; 255.7; 255.8; 255.9; 256.1-r3; 256.2; (live) A standalone package to provide for packages depend on the lib on non-systemd system. Still on trial. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA TO IMPROVE THIS PACKAGE JUST BRING ISSUES OR PULL REQUESTS.
sys-libs/elogind-libsystemd 0 An alternative way to provide standalone by just linking Does not support multilib yet due to elogind itself.
www-plugins/adobe-flash Dropped by official portage
x11-libs/lain (live version) 9999 for old ebuild without lua targets support (masked); 9999-r100 with the new lua-single eclass
x11-plugins/purple-oicq 1.0.2; (live) OICQ plugin (Tencent QQ support) for Pidgin/libpurple.
virtual/libsystemd 0 A virtual package for choosing packages

Information for some of the astropy related packages are listed here.

Some science related miscellaneous python packages

Packages in this table might just be pulled in as dependencies by some sicense related python packages.

Package name Available version Additional information
dev-python/adal 1.2.7 SunPy, h5pyd related
dev-python/abg-python 1.1.4 Optional for yt
dev-python/aggdraw 1.3.16; 1.3.18_p0 Optional for ginga
dev-python/aiobotocore 2.13.1 Pulled in by s3fs
dev-python/aioitertools 0.11.0 Pulled in by s3fs
dev-python/arviz 0.17.1; 0.18.0 Optional for
dev-python/asciitree 0.3.3 Pulled in by zarr
dev-python/azure-core 1.26.3; 1.30.2 Required by new msrest
dev-python/bidict 0.22.0; 0.23.1 Optional for yt
dev-python/bsddb3 6.2.9-r1 Dropped by official portage. Required by firefly{,-viz}
dev-python/check-manifest 0.49 Dropped by official portage. Build dependency for xarray-datatree
dev-python/cmdstanpy 1.0.8; 1.2.4 Test dependency for arviz. Dependency stanio is included but not listed in the table
dev-python/distributed 2024.4.1 Optional for arviz and spectral-cube
dev-python/dm-tree-bin 0.1.8 Required by new arviz. Use binary version to avoid downloading while compiling
dev-python/eventlet 0.33.3; 0.35.2 Dropped by official portage. Required by firefly{,-viz}
dev-python/f90nml 1.4.4 Optional for yt
dev-python/fastcache 1.1.0 Optional for yt
dev-python/firefly-viz 2.0.4 Optional for yt
dev-python/firefly 3.2.4 Optional for new yt
dev-python/flask-socketio 5.3.6 Optional for yt
dev-python/fusepy 3.0.1 Optional for yt
dev-python/heapdict 1.0.1 Pulled in by zict and distributed
dev-python/indexed-{bzip2,zstd} 1.6.0 / 1.6.1 Optional for yt (ratarmount{,core})
dev-python/rapidgzip 0.14.2 Optional for new ratarmount{,core}
dev-python/libconf 2.0.1 Optional for yt
dev-python/memory-profiler 0.61 Dropped by official portage. Test dependency for ccdproc
dev-python/miniballcpp 0.2.3 Optional for yt
dev-python/msrest 0.7.1 SunPy, h5pyd related
dev-python/msrestazure 0.6.4 SunPy, h5pyd related
dev-python/numcodecs 0.12.1; 0.13.0 Pulled in by zarr
dev-python/pykdtree 1.3.12 Optional for yt
dev-python/pytest-examples 0.0.12 Test dependency for pydantic-settings
dev-python/pytest-repeat 0.9.3 Test dependency for new zict
dev-python/pytest-textual-snapshot 0.4.0 Test dependency for new memray. Dependency syrupy is included but not listed in the table
dev-python/python-pkcs11 0.7.0-r1 Test and optional dependency for asyncssh. Recover from GURU
dev-python/python-socketio 5.9.0; 5.11.3 Optional for yt
dev-python/python-xz 0.5.0 Optional for yt
dev-python/rasterio 1.3.8_p2; 1.3.10 Optional for photutils. Dependencies are not all listed in the table
dev-python/ratarmount 0.14.2; 0.15.1 Optional for yt. Dependency ratarmountcore is also included in this overlay but not listed in the table
dev-python/s3fs 2024.6.1 Test dependency for zarr and astropy>=5.2
dev-python/siosocks 0.3.0 Optional for aioftp
dev-python/sortedcollections 2.1.0 Test dependency for bidict>=0.23.0
dev-python/textual 0.72.0 Pulled in by memray>=1.11. Dependency tree-sitter-languages is included but not listed in the table
dev-python/colorspacious 1.1.2 Pulled in by cmyt. Dropped by official portage
dev-python/cmyt 2.0.0 Pulled in by yt
dev-python/unyt 2.9.5; 3.0.3 Pulled in by yt
dev-python/zict 2.2.0; 3.0.0 Pulled in by distributed

Doc/sphinx related packages

Package name Available version Additional information
dev-python/sphinx 5.1.1; 7.1.2 5 for old myst-parser and myst-nb; 7.1 for glue-qt doc
dev-python/ablog 0.11.10
dev-python/jupyter-cache 0.6.1; 1.0.0
dev-python/jupyter-sphinx 0.5.3
dev-python/jupytext 1.16.3 Build with wheel source to include Jupyter Lab Extenstion
dev-python/myst-nb 0.17.2; 1.1.1
dev-python/myst-parser 0.18.1-r1 Only for myst-nb that depends on old version
dev-python/runnotebook 0.3.1; (live)
dev-python/sphinx-astropy 1.6.0; 1.9.1 See here for more information.
dev-python/sphinx-asdf 0.1.3; 0.1.4; 0.2.4
dev-python/sphinx-autobuild 2021.3.14; 2024.4.16
dev-python/sphinx-autosummary-accessors 2023.4.0
dev-python/sphinx-book-theme 0.2.0; 1.0.1; 1.1.3 network-sandbox FEATURE will be disabled if you enable doc flag for newest version.
dev-python/sphinx-changelog 1.5.0
dev-python/sphinx-click 6.0.0
dev-python/sphinx-codeautolink 0.15.2
dev-python/sphinx-design 0.6.0
dev-python/sphinx-examples 0.0.5
dev-python/sphinx-hoverxref 1.4.0
dev-python/sphinx-readable-theme 1.3.0
dev-python/sphinx-thebe 0.2.1; 0.3.1
dev-python/sphinx-togglebutton 0.3.2
dev-python/sphinx-contributors 0.2.7
dev-python/sphinx-mdinclude 0.6.1
dev-python/sphinxcontrib-globalsubs 0.1.1
dev-python/sphinxcontrib-srclink 0.2.4
dev-python/sphinxcontrib-youtube 1.2.0; 1.4.1 network-sandbox FEATURE will be disabled if you enable demo videos for doc building in version 1.2.0.
dev-python/sphinxext-opengraph 0.9.1
dev-python/dask-sphinx-theme 3.0.5
dev-python/sunpy-sphinx-theme 1.2.42; 2.0.2; 2.0.13
dev-python/pydata-sphinx-theme 0.13.3-r1 Old version dropped by official portage, required by sunpy-sphinx-theme
dev-python/mistune 0.8.4-r1; 2.0.5 For sphinx-asdf and sphinx-mdinclude that depend on old version
dev-python/nbconvert 6.4.5 Depends on old mistune

Doc/MkDocs related packages

Package name Available version Additional information
dev-python/docstring-parser 0.15 Optional dependency of pytkdocs
dev-python/markdown-callouts 0.3.0; 0.4.0 mkdocstrings related (should be test depend)
dev-python/mkdocs-coverage 1.0.0 mkdocstrings related (should be test depend)
dev-python/mkdocs-git-committers-plugin 2.3.0 mkdocstrings related (should be test depend)
dev-python/mkdocs-jupyter 0.24.8
dev-python/mkdocs-literate-nav 0.6.1 mkdocstrings related (should be test depend)
dev-python/mkdocs-section-index 0.3.9 mkdocstrings related (should be test depend)
dev-python/mkdocstrings-crystal 0.3.5; 0.3.7
dev-python/mkdocstrings-python-legacy 0.2.3
dev-python/pytkdocs 0.16.1 Dependency of mkdocstrings-python-legacy


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