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Sitebuilder page template

This project includes a template to be used as a starting point to develop a Sitebuilder page or site design.

Getting started

You could use a number of editors to edit the files and run a local server, but we recommend installing Visual Studio Code - you can install the zip version and it should work on Warwick's Windows 7 Managed Desktop.

Once you've got Visual Studio Code running, you'll need to install the "Live Server" extension:

  • Click the extensions button in the bar on the far left, or go to View > Extensions in the menu
  • Search for "Live Server" and click "Install", then "Restart" when prompted

When you have this project open, you should see a Go Live button in the status bar at the bottom:

VSCode Screenshot showing Go Live button

This button should open a web browser with the template in it. The page will automatically reload when you make changes to the template.


ID7 is built using .less files instead of .css files - this lets you use things like variables and nesting in your CSS rules, and you can even use variables from ID7 that make a lot more sense than just typing numbers in and hoping they don't change.

The page.less and site.less files in this project include the ID7 {less} scripts at the top. This means you can do things like:

/* CSS rules that only apply when the screen is "sm" or bigger (i.e. not mobile) */
@media (min-width: @screen-sm-min) {
  .my-div {
    background: @id7-brand-red;

The template includes a script that automatically converts your .less files to .css files. When you upload a .less file to Sitebuilder, the same thing happens, and you can include it in your web page as a .css file - if you upload page.less you can add <link href="page.css" rel="stylesheet"> and it will just work. You shouldn't include the less.min.js script like in this project, that's for development only.


Page template for developing a local Sitebuilder page or site design



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