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Commits on Jul 7, 2011
  1. @matmannion
Commits on Jul 6, 2011
  1. @donthorp @billdawson

    TIMOB-4540 TIMOB-4539 TIMOB-4541 the end event wasn't being send in o…

    donthorp authored billdawson committed
    …nDestroy. This was causing the apperance of failures for the other tickets
  2. @marshall
  3. TIMOB-4553 update documentation to reflect android specific orientati…

    dizzymonkey authored
    …on behavior
  4. @matmannion


    matmannion authored
Commits on Jul 5, 2011
  1. @billdawson

    TIMOB-3832 modified date picker in order to address accuracy problems…

    dizzymonkey authored billdawson committed
    … during comparison
  2. @sptramer

    [TIMOB-3298] -Integrated test from Jira into KS-iPad

    sptramer authored
    - Fixed code formatting
    - Fixed warning
Commits on Jun 30, 2011
  1. @donthorp

    TIMOB-4504 kitche sink test for change

    dizzymonkey authored donthorp committed
  2. @donthorp

    TIMOB-4504 implement new orientation mechanism

    dizzymonkey authored donthorp committed
    implemented new orientation mechanism for Android that bring behavior closer to native OS behavior and addresses issues found on honeycomb tablets
  3. @billdawson @donthorp
  4. @billdawson @donthorp

    When finding aapt, favor platform-tools folder for newer aapt that wi…

    billdawson authored donthorp committed
    …ll support new resource qualifiers like xlarge TIMOB-4527
  5. @marshall @donthorp

    some code cleanup, gracefully handle exceptions when deleting temp files

    marshall authored donthorp committed
  6. @marshall @donthorp

    move delete message to DBG

    marshall authored donthorp committed
  7. @marshall @donthorp

    TiCacheHelper renamed to TiTempFileHelper, and simplified to only wipe

    marshall authored donthorp committed
    the temporary directory at boot, instead of being bound by a maximum
    cache size (when can revisit a cache management helper later)
  8. @marshall @donthorp

    added a new class that helps manage cached files on both the external

    marshall authored donthorp committed
    and internal storage (TiCacheHelper). by default, this class uses
    defaults of 1MB for internal, and 32MB for external cache storage. at
    app boot time, a low priority thread will be spawned that removes files
    from the cache directories if the total size is greater than the max
    allowed. the max for each directory can be changed in tiapp.xml
    properties with and (both ints). TiHTTPClient now stores
    its temporary files in external cache (which are automatically cleaned
    by TiCacheHelper). TIMOB-2495
  9. @billdawson @donthorp

    Remove onStop which only cleared timers, because we don't want to for…

    billdawson authored donthorp committed
    …ce clearing them until onDestroy. TIMOB-4079
Commits on Jun 29, 2011
  1. @donthorp
  2. @billdawson @donthorp
  3. @rseagraves @sptramer

    Merge pull request #170 from sptramer/timob-4157

    rseagraves authored sptramer committed
    [TIMOB-4157] - Added support for setting 'showMasterInPortrait'
  4. @donthorp

    TIMOB-4519 insert dot before filename extension

    dizzymonkey authored donthorp committed
    inserts dot before filename extension when building filename for gallery image when sending via http request
  5. @sptramer

    Merge pull request #171 from BlainHamon/TIMOB4489

    Stephen Tramer authored sptramer committed
    TIMOB-4489 : cancel inline to avoid racing during dealloc
  6. The window close action was delayed after the window change animation…

    srahim authored Blain Hamon committed
    … was done
  7. header file for the previous one

    srahim authored Blain Hamon committed
Commits on Jun 28, 2011
  1. @donthorp
  2. @sptramer @rseagraves

    [TIMOB-4513] - Change type of validatesSecureCertificate

    sptramer authored rseagraves committed
    - Fix drillbit test that doesn't currently run on iOS so it passes, instead of hangs
  3. TIMOB-4127 During a modal, the controller view isn't onscreen. So use…

    Blain Hamon authored
    … whomever is onscreen instead.
  4. @rseagraves @sptramer

    Merge pull request #154 from sptramer/timob-4174

    rseagraves authored sptramer committed
    TIMOB-4174: Database exceptions
  5. @donthorp

    Removed bump reference

    donthorp authored
  6. @dawsontoth @donthorp

    [MOD-108] Deleted the Android bump module from the Titanium Mobile re…

    dawsontoth authored donthorp committed
    …po; moving it in to the modules repo so it can get packaged up.
  7. @sptramer @rseagraves
  8. @donthorp
  9. @donthorp
  10. @rseagraves

    TIMOB-2834 Make darn sure we remove old navBarImageViews that we don'…

    Blain Hamon authored rseagraves committed
    …t need.
  11. @rseagraves

    TIMOB-3603: Enforce having no contentInsets after setting up the UITe…

    Blain Hamon authored rseagraves committed
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