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Biocaml Installation Instructions
The main Biocaml library depends on
* ocaml (>= 3.12)
* sqlite3
* pcre
* batteries
* unix
* threads
At compile/install-time, you will also need
* findlib
Executables additionally depend on
* getopt
Tests additionally depend on
* oUnit
Uncompress the source archive, go to the root of the
package, then run
ocaml -configure
ocaml -build
ocaml -doc
ocaml -install
Additional Details
For each of the above commands, add --help to see additional
options. In particular, unless you are installing as root, you will
likely need to set --bindir in the -configure step. For example
ocaml -configure --bindir ~/bin
The -doc step can be omitted if you do not need to generate
documentation. If you do generate it, the root of the API
documentation is [here](doclib.docdir/index.html). Documentation is
not part of the -install step. Simply copy the directory elsewhere if
you wish.
A Makefile is provided for those who prefer it. Commands corresponding
directly to the ones above are available.
Go to the root of the package, and run
ocaml -uninstall