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Version 1.4.1

Deduplicate command line options when there is more than one TestReporter. Expose the function that does that, uniqueOptionDescriptions.


Fix CPP warning/error macro expansion producing 'defined' has undefined behavior


Automatically disable the dependency on the clock package when compiled by ghcjs.


The only point of this release is to introduce compatibility with GHCs back to 7.0 (see

Note, however, that these changes are not merged to the master branch, and the future releases will only support the GHC/base versions from the last 5 years, as per our usual policy. To test with even older GHCs, you'll have to use this particular version of tasty (or have the constraint solver pick it for you when testing with older GHCs).

The source of this release is in the support-old-ghcs branch of the tasty repository.

Version 1.4

  • Change the TreeFold data type to give all functions access to OptionSet
  • Fix a bug where a looping failure message escaped the time out set for the test
  • Fix a bug where pattern changes inside the TestTree weren't respected

Version 1.3.1

  • Add an ability for a test provider to print colorful/formatted output

Version 1.3

  • IsOption has a new method showDefaultValue for customizing how defaultValues are rendered in the --help output.
  • Drop support for GHCs older than 5 years
  • Do not install handlers for the signals that dump core
  • Export the AnsiTricks type/option
  • In addition to a Parser, optionParser and suiteOptionParser now return a [String] representing warning messages:
    • A warning is emitted if an IsOption instance defines multiple options in the implementation of optionCLParser.
    • An warning is emitted if an IsOption instance's optionCLParser implementation assigns a default value (e.g., with Options.Applicative.value), as this interferes with tasty's ability to read environment variable arguments.

Version 1.2.3

  • Expose computeStatistics from Test.Tasty.Ingredients.ConsoleReporter.
  • Ensure that finally and bracket work as expected inside tests when the test suite is interrupted by Ctrl-C.

Version 1.2.2

  • Expose timed and getTime
  • Add parseOptions
  • Allow to disable ANSI tricks with --ansi-tricks=false

Version 1.2.1

  • Document and expose installSignalHandlers
  • Enable colors in Emacs and other almost-ANSI-capable terminals

Version 1.2

Make it possible to declare dependencies between tests (see the README for details)


Make tasty work with GHCJS


Fix compatibility with GHC 8.6


Fix a bug where some (mostly Asian) characters would break alignment in the terminal output


Fix a bug where -l was still using / instead of . as a field separator

Version 1.1

NOTE: This major release contains some breaking changes to the semantics of patterns. In the original pattern design I didn't notice the conflict between using / as a field separator and as the AWK syntax for pattern matching /.../.

The new patterns have been around for a relatively short time (5 months), so hopefully the breakage won't be too big. I'm sorry about any problems caused by the change.

See for the discussion.

  • The field separator in patterns is changed from slash (/) to period (.), and . is now allowed in raw patterns.

    The field separator is used to join the group names and the test name when comparing to a pattern such as -p foo or -p /foo/.

    If you used

    -p 'foo/bar'


    -p '/foo\/bar/'

    before, now you should use

    -p ''


    -p '/'

    if you meant "test/group bar inside group foo, or

    -p '/foo\/bar/'

    if you meant "test/group containing foo/bar in the name".

    The need for escaping the slash inside the /.../ pattern was precisely the motivation for this change.

  • Raw patterns (ones that are not AWK expressions) may no longer contain slashes (/).


    -p 'foo/bar'

    is no longer allowed, and

    -p '/foo/'

    is now parsed as an AWK expression /foo/, whereas before it was treated as a raw pattern and converted to /\/foo\//.

    The reason for this change is that /foo/ is a valid AWK expression and should be parsed as such.

  • Raw patterns may now contain hyphens, so e.g. -p type-checking now works.

    In theory this makes some valid AWK expressions (such as NF-2) not to be parsed as such, but they are either unlikely to be useful or could also be expressed in other ways (NF!=2).

  • Several new exports, mostly for testing/debugging patterns:

    • TestPattern now has a Show instance; TestPattern and Expr now have Eq instances.
    • The constructors of TestPattern are now exported.
    • parseAwkExpr is introduced and can be used in ghci to see how an AWK expression is parsed. (For parsing test patterns, which include raw patterns in addition to AWK expression, use parseTestPattern.)


Fix a bug where a test suite that uses resources would hang if interrupted

Version 1.0.1

  • Add a safeReadBool function, for case-insensitive parsing of boolean options
  • Convert all tasty's own options to case-insensitive


Adjust lower bounds for the dependencies (mtl and optparse-applicative)

Version 1.0

  • New pattern language (see the README and/or the blog post)
  • Make the clock dependency optional


Fix compatibility with GHC 8.4

Version 0.12

Backward compat breaking revision of Test.Tasty.Ingredients.ConsoleReporter that exposes the name of tests/groups.

Version 0.11.3

Expose and document several of the internals of Test.Tasty.Ingredients.ConsoleReporter.


Fix compatibility with GHC 7.4


  1. Make the --quiet mode more efficient on a large number of tests
  2. Fix a bug where a cursor would disappear if the test suite was terminated by a signal other than SIGINT.


Make filtering tests (-p) work faster


Fix a critical bug in the quiet mode (-q/--quiet): the exit status could be wrong or the test suite could hang.


Fix compatibility with the latest unbounded-delays

Version 0.11.2

Add composeReporters, a function to run multiple reporter ingredients

Version 0.11.1

Introduce mkOptionCLParser and mkFlagCLParser


Fix compatibility with optparse-applicative-0.13


Switch from regex-tdfa-rc to regex-tdfa, which got a new maintainer.


Clarify IsTest’s specification with regard to exceptions


Use monotonic clock when measuring durations.

Version 0.11

New field resultShortDescription of Result


  • Improve the docs
  • Fix compatibility with GHC HEAD


  • Prevent parsing non-positive number of threads via program options (#104)
  • Buffer output to avoid slowdowns when printing test results (#101)
  • Default to using the maximum number of available cores for test execution

Version 0.10.1

Export Test.Tasty.Runners.formatMessage


Don't output ANSI codes for the Emacs terminal emulator


Better handle the situation when there are no ingredients to run


Split the changelog into per-project changelogs


Update to optparse-applicative 0.11

Version 0.10

  • Add the --color option
  • Timings
    • Introduce the Time type synonym
    • Change the types of launchTestTree and TestReporter to accept the total run time
    • consoleTestReporter now displays the timings


Upgrade to optparse-applicative-0.10.


Be careful not to export the Show (a -> b) instance, see


Hide cursor when running tests


Fix for GHC 7.9


Remove the old 'colors' flag description from the cabal file


Make ansi-terminal an unconditional dependency

Version 0.8

  • Test.Tasty.Ingredients is now exposed
  • Test.Tasty.Ingredients.Basic is added, which exports the ingredients defined in the tasty package. These exports should now be used instead of ones exported from Test.Tasty.Runners
  • The Result type is now structured a bit differently. Providers now should use testPassed and testFailed functions instead of constructing Results directly.
  • Add «quiet mode» (see README)
  • Add «hide successes» mode (see README)
  • Add short command-line options: -j for --num-threads, -p for --pattern
  • Add timeout support
  • AppMonoid is renamed to Traversal for consistency with the 'reducers' package. Another similar wrapper, Ap, is introduced.
  • Fix a resources bug (resources were not released if the test suite was interrupted)
  • The type of launchTestTree is changed. It now takes a continuation as an argument. This is necessary to fix the bug mentioned above.
  • Add flagCLParser to be used as the optionCLParser implementation for boolean options.
  • Add the ability to pass options via environment

Version 0.7

  • Use regex-tdfa instead of regex-posix (which is a native implementation, and as such is more portable)
  • foldTestTree now takes the algebra in the form of a record rather than multiple arguments, to minimize breakage when new nodes are added or existing ones change
  • withResource now passes the IO action to get the resource to the inner test tree

Version 0.6

  • Better handling of exceptions that arise during resource creation or disposal
  • Expose the AppMonoid wrapper
  • Add askOption and inludingOptions


Depend on ansi-terminal >= 0.6.1. This fixes some issues with colors on Windows.

Version 0.5.2

  • Export Result and Progress from Test.Tasty.Runners
  • Make it clear that only GHC 7.4+ is supported

Version 0.5.1

Export ResourceSpec from Test.Tasty.Runners

Version 0.5

Add a capability to acquire and release resources. See the «Resources» section in the Test.Tasty docs.

For the end users, the API is backwards-compatible.

Test runners may have to be adjusted — there is a new constructor of TestTree and a new argument of foldTestTree.

Version 0.4.2

Add defaultIngredients


Print the failure description in red


Fix a bug (#25)

Version 0.4

The big change in this release is introduction of ingredients, which is a replacement for runners. But unless you have a custom runner, this is unlikely to affect you much.

The Ingredient data type has replaced the Runner type.

The following functions have been renamed and possibly changed their types:

  • defaultMainWithRunnerdefaultMainWithIngredients
  • treeOptionParsersuiteOptionParser
  • getTreeOptionstreeOptions
  • runUIconsoleTestReporter

Added in this release:

  • suiteOptions
  • optionParser
  • functions operating on ingredients
  • testsNames
  • the listingTests ingredient and its option, ListTests

NumThreads is no longer a core option, but is automatically included in the test reporting ingredients (see its haddock).

Version 0.3.1

  • Proper reporting of (some) non-terminating tests (#15)
  • Upgrade to optparse-applicative 0.6

Version 0.3

  • Restrict dependency versions
  • Fix a bug where non-terminating test would lead to a deadlock (#15)

Version 0.2

  • Add an execRunner function
  • Make Runner return IO Bool

Version 0.1.1

Set lower bound on optparse-applicative dependency version