Just my git repo for the config files I use.
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This git repo contains some files I tweak every now and then to get a better experience.

# Resides in $HOME

-aliases: contains a set of aliases I use in terminal to perform everyday tasks
-bashrc: is my rc file for bash, it also redirects to aliases
-conkyrc: is my rc file for conky, also contains my conky theme elements.
-owlconf: is my configuration file for barnowl.
-vimrc: is my rc for for vim, uses vundle for plugin support.
-xinitrc: is my xinit script run from cdm. startx or xinit must be supplied a wm/dm name as $1.
-Xresources: is my Xresources file that fixes graphics that are set by 'xrdb --merge ~/.Xresources' in aliases 'xmerge'
-zshrc: is my rc file for zsh, it also redirects to aliases.

-arch.list: a list of programs installed on my system for compatiblity checking, personal updating of multiple systems.


-rc.lua: is my awesome config file, theme is not included as it uses default.

# A few odd scripts I have gathered or aquired over the years.

-updatemirriors.sh: is a sh script I use to get the best and fastest mirrors for pacman.
-minecraft.sh: is a script I wrote myself to aid in the starting of minecraft, this does backups to ~/Dropbox for online backup, ~/Games/Minecraft/Backup/ for offline backups.
-wallpaperchanger.sh: is a sh script I designed and wrote myself for better use with awesome ( the window manager ).
-dvorakTutor.sh: is a sh script written to change keyboard layout before entering a program to help the user learn dvorak, this program was in no way written by myself. After exit of program script changes the keyboard layout back.
-loadVmail.bash: is a bash script to load the defaults for vmail, and then executes the vmail program. 

#Written in vim on ArchLinux