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This is an app made in Tcl and Tk. Currently there's nothing much as it's still a work in its initial phases. As I will add more features, the app will become larger and if I think there's something I can't do in Tcl, I might move everything over to Python and Tkinter (or something better if I find one).

What I have in mind for this Pokédex is from both a competitive perspective and a casual perspective.

For the time being, I'm implementing some basic features:

  • Selecting a Pokédex,
  • Viewing details of the Pokédex (including picture, name, species, gender encouter rate, movepool, stats, etc),
  • Being able to view Pokédex from the different generations,
  • Damage calculator

Things that I'm considering in no particular order:

  • Basic search for Pokédex with input like specific stats, learnable moves, abilities.
  • Basic search for items with input like effects, category.
  • Basic search for abilities, moves with input like effect.
  • Stat calculator
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