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Chat Worm

A ChatGPT Client to access the API


Demo Video:
Demo video

Web app:

Android app:
Get it on Google Play

Windows app:

Works also with the newest GTP-4 Version if you got access from OpenAI to the new GTP4 model via API.
Otherwise you have to wait and can use the older models instead.

This is a single page application there is no server between your browser and Open AI. The app is just downloaded and cached by your browser and you communicate directly with the API.

Example screenshot:

Setting Up Local Development

  1. First, open a terminal and navigate to the project directory.
  2. Run the command npm install to install all frontend packages.
  3. Once the installation is complete, run npm start.
  4. This will start a web service accessible via http://localhost:4200/.

Pull Request for Improvements?

  1. Start coding changes to the project using your local setup.
  2. Once the improvements have been made, run npm run build. This will generate new files in the dist folder which are hosted on our demo page.
  3. Create a pull request which includes the updated dist folder.

Feature Requests or Bugs?

  1. Open following:
  2. Create a new issue and decribe it as clear as possible. Screenshots can also help a lot. Thanks

Deploy to production

  1. Make sure everything is pushed to master.
  2. Run npm run deploy to deploy it to production server.
  3. Check out

Release on different App Stores

  1. Open
  2. Release on the stores

Update packages

  • Run to update to latest versions:
npx npm-check-updates -u
npm install --force 


This project is licensed under the MIT License.