@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Jun 6, 2018 · 194 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Fixed: Connecting being broken on some versions of mono
  • Added: Can drop map files onto the .exe to start the game in singleplayer on that map
  • Fixed: Mouse buttons always getting reset when cursor leaves the window

@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Jun 3, 2018 · 203 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Added: Supports extended mouse buttons for controls/hotkeys (untested)
  • Added: 'breakable liquids' key bind
  • Fixed: 30 second delay downloading texture packs on some PCs
  • Fixed: Tab list stuffed on a few servers
  • Fixed: Rare crash on AMD GPUs
  • Fixed: Rare crash when saving screenshots
  • Improved: Simplify block description text in inventory menu
  • Improved: Crash error messsage box includes more details
  • Improved: Can use 'escape' to reset key bind
  • Improved: support 64x64 skins in all models
  • Improved: Make loading screen look more like classic one
  • Improved: Blocking when connecting doesn't completely freeze window

@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Apr 6, 2018 · 390 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Fixed: 'use custom blocks' off to actually work
  • Improved: Inventory menu should always show description of held block initially
  • Improved: Redo inventory order of blocks to make more sense

@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Apr 1, 2018 · 403 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Added: rope/lader collide type 7
  • Improved: Make N/S/W/E autorotate more intuitive
  • Improved: If resource fails to download, actually log why it fails to launcher.log
  • Improved: Show an explicit message box when OpenTK.dll is in different directory to game
  • Fixed: highlighted server hash changing with search filters
  • Fixed: Make 'always no' actually work.
  • Fixed: Hotbar switch + mouse scroll not working, when hotbar switch has been rebound
  • Fixed: shift + click closing inventory window
Zip name Description
d3d9.zip Normal build that uses Direct3D 9, windows only.
gl.zip Alternative build that uses OpenGL, windows only.
mono.zip Build for the Mono framework (i.e. mainly for Linux and OSX)

@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Mar 8, 2018 · 479 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Fixed: Sounds and music failing to download on first run
  • Fixed: Rare crash on recent WINE
  • Fixed: pressing 'cancel' when launcher is fetching resources, not clearing download queue
  • Fixed: Don't load etag/last modified if it exists in .txt file, but the cached texture pack file doesn't exist on disc

@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Feb 23, 2018 · 497 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Added: Can use extended and control characters for custom colour codes
  • Added: player tab list select/highlight animation
  • Added: Show flags in server list
  • Added: Can press Pause to open pause menu
  • Added: Featured servers with different colour in list
  • Fixed: mono sometimes loading invalid .png and causing crash
  • Fixed: zoom getting stuck down at the zoomed angle when opening chat/pause menu
  • Fixed: Don't pointlessly reload default texture pack upon joining new maps
  • Fixed: Custom colour codes not drawing with non ASCII codes
  • Fixed: not being able to use alt + [numpad numbers] to input non-ascii characters
  • Fixed: shouldn't send multiple PlayerClick with Released set when holding down mouse
  • Fixed: skeleton model not being able to jump up one block into a two block gap
  • Fixed: pressing back in 'updates' going back to main instead of settings
  • Fixed: crash when terrain.png is not same as terrain.png height
  • Fixed: crash with launcher on recent windows 10
  • Fixed: rare crash
  • Fixed: crash when clicking on graphics options button twice in very quick succession
  • Fixed: launcher crashing on recent mono
  • Improved: Increase default max chunks built per frame from 20 to 30
  • Improved: Allow right clicking with air for /mark and such
  • Improved: Trim colour codes from chat log file names
  • Removed: Disable URL detection in classic mode.

@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Jan 13, 2018 · 549 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Added: None names mode
  • Added: Sprite offseting
  • Added: Corpse model
  • Fixed: Manually deleting terrain.png, not properly recreating it
  • Fixed: Block place sounds shouldn't play in classic mode
  • Fixed: Block break animation not playing properly when switching between cameras
  • Fixed: Arm not rendering properly with non power of two skin
  • Fixed: Being pushed after being /tp ed to by someone
  • Fixed: Incorrect rendering when chunk had over 65,536 vertices
  • Fixed: Not being able hold block ID 255 in inventory
  • Fixed: Snow/rain rendering improperly over borders, when border height > map height
  • Fixed: Entity shadows not rendering when looking through a water block at feet
  • Fixed: Pressing alt+tab when chat input open, opening colours/more characters widget
  • Fixed: Map sides/borders/clouds not rendering properly on OpenGL 1.1 backend
  • Fixed: Plugins not resolving dependencies that weren't already loaded
  • Fixed: Highlighted server entry being incorrect after clicking 'refresh' in launcher
  • Fixed: Spamming G (without changing held block) causing constant arm move up/down
  • Fixed: Rare case of pushback placing a block on map border pushed you outside map
  • Fixed: Sprite block models not being tinted
  • Fixed: Clamp window resolution to size of monitor on game load
  • Fixed: Disable multi jumps in classic mode
  • Fixed: .lvl load error when map has custom blocks, and dimensions not divisible by 16
  • Fixed: Crash when pressing R while map was loading
  • Fixed: Crash when size of an animation frame is bigger than a tile in terrain.png
  • Fixed: Crash from stack overflow when using 512x512 (or higher) animation frames
  • Fixed: Crash on mono when some texture pack has some not completely valid .png
  • Fixed: Crash on map load if server didn't send MOTD packet
  • Fixed: Rare crashing when minimised on some GPUs with Direct3D9
  • Fixed: Rare crashing on some 10 year old GPUs with Direct3D9
  • Fixed: Rare crashing on resizing after changing env settings in GUI in certain way
  • Improved: Jump height is now saved to options and so persists across sessions
  • Improved: Introduce a little bit of variation in block break particle sizes
  • Improved: Tab list is now always like one in original classic
  • Improved: resume text in launcher is clearer for end user (shows server name)
  • Improved: Render crosshairs behind chat
  • Improved: horspeed= sets base horizontal speed, instead of max horizontal speed
  • Removed: /client commands (pointless when you can just do /client)

@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Nov 13, 2017 · 636 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Fixed: Pressing enter/escape in chat always recreating textures
  • Added: /client resolution [width] [height] command
  • Fixed: height of gas block affecting the position of arm
  • Fixed: Force OSX to use 32 bit architecture for recent mono
  • Fixed: releasing alt after mouse wheel scroll, resetting hotbar index
  • Fixed: alt+tab switching hotbar index
  • Fixed: custom blocks appearing as 'invalid', when loading a map in singleplayer that has no custom blocks, after loading a map previously did have some
  • Fixed: Dev opengl build update updating to release instead
  • Fixed: 'use font' text backend not drawing ampersands at all
  • Fixed: 'gen level' with survival mode crashing in multiplayer
  • Fixed: particles being shaded wrongly
  • Fixed: TextHotkey extension, accidentally mapping numpad number keys to number keys
  • Fixed: Being able to duplicate held block under rare circumstances
  • Fixed: DoubleSlab instead of gold ore being in classic mode inventory
  • Fixed: fog density being 2.0f instead of 1.8f (Thanks gDEBugger)
  • Fixed: Holding down multiple mouse buttons still does block picking now
  • Fixed: Scale before rotation for models
  • Improved: Classic mode now have some render distances as original classic
  • Improved: Make menus closer to classic look (background colour, gen level in classic mode)
  • Improved: You can still type chat input when F1 is mode on
  • Improved: Make default resolution 854x480 to match original classic
  • Improved: Lava/Water offset is no longer hardcoded, custom blocks can also be offset
  • Removed: Can no longer type in multiple lines of chat on servers not supporting LongerMessages

@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Oct 15, 2017 · 698 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Fixed: crashing on WINE when run without terminal
  • Fixed: Changed keybinds not saving

@UnknownShadow200 UnknownShadow200 released this Oct 8, 2017 · 714 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Added: F10 to see terrain.png texture ID overlay
  • Added: jumps= in MOTD for control over jump amount
  • Added: +/-push to disallow player pushing in MOTD
  • Added: Mipmaps for textures
  • Added: If 'useclouds' is in the texture pack zip, then both the skybox and clouds render
  • Added: Skybox can rotate
  • Fixed: Camera not resetting cursor to centre after closing an overlay
  • Fixed: 'classic arms model' not saving
  • Fixed: Launcher not actually sleeping for 5 seconds when updating on windows
  • Fixed: Skin appearing wrongly for short time, after changing your own skin with /skin
  • Fixed: Case where entities wouldn't use proper skin
  • Fixed: Block picking of bedrock on map bottom, not working when map is 1 tall
  • Fixed: /client tp [invalid coords] tping you to 0,0,0
  • Improved: Don't show 'chunks/s' in top left when 0.
  • Improved: Support more then two jumps in WoM style hacks
  • Improved: Player pushing is now in enhanced mode too
  • Improved: Only recreate context in FPS mode when vsync is on/off