Bra (Brilliant Ridiculous Assistant) is a command line utility tool.
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Brilliant Ridiculous Assistant

Bra (Brilliant Ridiculous Assistant) is a command line utility tool.


   Bra [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

   init		initialize config template file
   run		start monitoring and notifying
   help, h	Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --help, -h		show help
   --version, -v	print the version

Quick Start

To work with a new app, you have to have a .bra.toml file under the work directory. You can quickly generate a default one by executing following command:

$ bra init


How to I gracefully shutdown the application?

Change following values in your .bra.toml:

interrupt_timout = 15
graceful_kill = true

This will send os.Interrupt signal first and wait for 15 seconds before force kill.


An example configuration take form gogsweb:

init_cmds = [["./gogsweb"]]       # Commands run in start
watch_all = true                  # Watch all sub-directories
watch_dirs = [                    # Directories to watch
watch_exts = [".go", ".ini"]      # Extensions to watch
ignore = [".git", "node_modules"] # Directories to exclude from watching
ignore_files = []                 # Regexps for ignoring specific notifies
follow_symlinks = false           # Enable/disable following symbolic links of sub directories
build_delay = 1500                # Minimal interval to Trigger build event
cmds = [                          # Commands to run
  ["go", "install"],
  ["go", "build"],


This project is under Apache v2 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.