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goconfig Go Walker



  • This library is under bug fix only mode, which means no more features will be added.
  • I'm continuing working on better Go code with a different library: ini.


Package goconfig is a easy-use, comments-support configuration file parser for the Go Programming Language, which provides a structure similar to what you would find on Microsoft Windows INI files.

The configuration file consists of sections, led by a [section] header and followed by name:value or name=value entries. Note that leading whitespace is removed from values. The optional values can contain format strings which refer to other values in the same section, or values in a special DEFAULT section. Comments are indicated by ";" or "#"; comments may begin anywhere on a single line.


  • It simplified operation processes, easy to use and undersatnd; therefore, there are less chances to have errors.
  • It uses exactly the same way to access a configuration file as you use Windows APIs, so you don't need to change your code style.
  • It supports read recursion sections.
  • It supports auto increment of key.
  • It supports READ and WRITE configuration file with comments each section or key which all the other parsers don't support!!!!!!!
  • It supports get value through type bool, float64, int, int64 and string, methods that start with "Must" means ignore errors and get zero-value if error occurs, or you can specify a default value.
  • It's able to load multiple files to overwrite key values.


go get

API Documentation

Go Walker.


Please see conf.ini as an example.


  • Function LoadConfigFile load file(s) depends on your situation, and return a variable with type ConfigFile.
  • GetValue gives basic functionality of getting a value of given section and key.
  • Methods like Bool, Int, Int64 return corresponding type of values.
  • Methods start with Must return corresponding type of values and returns zero-value of given type if something goes wrong.
  • SetValue sets value to given section and key, and inserts somewhere if it does not exist.
  • DeleteKey deletes by given section and key.
  • Finally, SaveConfigFile saves your configuration to local file system.
  • Use method Reload in case someone else modified your file(s).
  • Methods contains Comment help you manipulate comments.
  • LoadFromReader allows loading data without an intermediate file.
  • SaveConfigData added, which writes configuration to an arbitrary writer.
  • ReloadData allows to reload data from memory.

Note that you cannot mix in-memory configuration with on-disk configuration.

More Information

  • All characters are CASE SENSITIVE, BE CAREFUL!



This project is under Apache v2 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.


Package goconfig is a fully functional and comments-support configuration file (.ini) parser.








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