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A pretty text printer.
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Put logo

A pretty text printer.


Put is a tool written in C++ for writing text to the standard output in a stylish way.


Install the Put repository using git clone.

git clone

To compile Put, type the command make while on the repository directory. This will generate the put binary.

And to open the manpage for Put, first you need to sudo make install, then you can man put to open the manpage.


put [-Eehnv] [-d <time>] [-t <time>] [<argument>...]


GIF demo

For a complete usage reference, see the file USAGE.txt or run put -h. For a quick reference, see the wiki.


You can help by:

  • improving code
  • keeping files updated
  • opening an issue

Any kind of help is appreciated.


IRC: Join ##put on Freenode.

Getting help

If you experience any problem with this repository, please open an issue.

If the problem is related to git, please check here.


MIT License

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