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UnlockedEDU Website Front End

Front end for UnlockedEdu

Developer's Guide

Developing with Docker

The current docker container used for this project is the latest python container, and that is simply to server html in a way that developers can easily work on it. Eventually this section of the code will be productionized and an actual Dockerfile will be built. For now, as long as you are running on a system that has docker and make installed you should be able to develop with no problem. Simply run make run when you are ready to view the docker container and navigate to localhost:8000 to view your changes. You can simply leave the docker container running and update your code, then refresh the page.

Developing in Vagrant

If you are developing on a machine that does not have docker and make (Windows for example), or simply don't want to install these tools onto your machine, there is an alternative.

Vagrant is a virtual machine management tool that can be used to easily stand up fully configured machines. In order to use Vagrant you'll need to install Virtualbox (easiest way forward, if you're hardcore, feel free to try another hypervisor) and then install the Vagrant binary. You can then navigate to the directory of this repository, at the same level as the provided Vagrantfile, and run the command vagrant up. The default provider has been specified as Virtualbox, but if your machine (mostly likely a Linux issue) tries to launch it with kvm you can always specify the provider with vagrant up --provider=virtualbox. This machine will bind to port 8000 when launched, and you would simply run the same make command from the docker section above to view the website. To navigate to the directory with the code run cd /vagrant. Vagrant mounts your current working directory to /vagrant. You should even be able to edit the files on your local machine and see them update on localhost:8000.


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