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Volunteer contributors

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(in chronological order of joining the project/contribution)

  • James Tyack - Founder, accessibility advocate and lead developer.
  • Diana Fanelli-Brennan - UX for initial prototype.
  • Chris Ivey - Client-side venue mapping.
  • Kevin Lee - Server-side venue geocoding.
  • John (@josomo) - PATCO Elevator data page scraper.
  • Liz Wilkerson - Adviser and subject matter expert.
  • Clark Matthews - Adviser and video content expert.
  • Jim Smiley - Google transit route planning prototype.
  • Dave Walk - Accessible apartments data scraping.
  • Sheila Waples - Apartments adviser
  • Chris Alfano - D3 Station Outage Data Visualization.
  • Sally Kong - Google transit route planning prototype.
  • Peter Downs - Vagrant image scripting and overall improvements that help new users get acquainted with the project quickly.
  • Ather Sharif - Subject matter expert, accessibility data collection design, front-end coding. Founder of EvoXLabs and Sci Video Blog.
  • Austin Seraphin - Web accessibility consultant.
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