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This is a README file for a home-made Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
Please see Documentation/manual.pdf for detailed information about this project.

To start building your own ROV, simply checkout this repository and follow the instructions
in Documentation/manual.pdf. The individual folders of this repo contain:

- CAD - CAD files of the robot, including overview technical drawings in a pdf format.
	An Excel spreadsheet with basic design calculations is also provided. All of
	the CAD files are in Autodesk Inventor format, but an exchange file ROVassembly.stp
	has been included too. This may be imported into any CAD program (tested
	with SolidWorks 2015 Student Edition)
- Documentation - includes a report summarising the project and giving a description
	of how it all works. It gives instructions and practical tips on how to manufacture
	the ROV.
- Software
	+ controlInterface - contains Python files used to run the PC client that
		allows the ROV to be controlled
	+ HardwareInterfaces - includes custom Arduino libraries used to control
		various elements of functionality of the vehicle
	+ ROVMain - holds the main Arduino sketch that runs on the micro-controller
		on-board of the ROV
- BlockDiagrams - block diagrams of the ROV system and its various subsystem. These
	appear throughout Documentation/manual.pdf. The png versions of all the diagrams
	may be found in Documentation/Figures
- PCBDesigns - contains files used to produce PCB boards, organised in individual
	sub-folders (currently only motorControlBoard). Includes gerbers of the PCBs,
	which can readily be used to order the PCBs from a professional manufacturer
	or to etch them yourself.

Please see the LICENCE file for information on how this work may be used.


A home-made remotely operated vehicle (ROV), i.e. a small submarine that you control via an umbilical cable. Based on an Arduino and PVC pipes.




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