Chef recipes for Unpakt machines.
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Installing an Unpakt workstation

  • Install a machine with Lion.
  • Register with Apple if you feel so inclined (I usually hit command-Q)
  • Set timezone
  • Create Unpakt user "Unpakt" "unpakt". Make sure it's an administrator.
  • Install XCode:
    • Run "App Store" app (built into Lion)
    • Search for "Xcode"
    • Click "Free" -> "Install" on Xcode
    • Wait for install to finish. It's a 1.5gb file, so it can take a while
    • Open XCode and accept terms and conditions
    • Download and install the Command Line Tools for XCode from:
  • Wait for install to finish
  • Download & run the bootstrap code:

bash <(curl

  • During the 1-hour installation, you will be prompted to install java. You don't need to do anything; java will be installed automatically by one of the chef recipes, and the manual installation is not required (there's a dependency issue which brings up the java-install-dialogue (chef->ohai->java), and we couldn't find a natural way around it).
  • Wait for ~1 hour while things are downloaded & compiled.
  • Reboot when it has finished.