An archive-like display of a user's 'likes' on Tumblr.
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client Adds the ability to unlike a post. Feb 8, 2013
scripts update from live site Sep 13, 2014
server update from live site Sep 13, 2014 Update Mar 15, 2017 fix Feb 7, 2013


This project is no longer being improved or hosted. Please feel free to fork the code or spin up your own server.

Tumblr Likes Grid

This project is an attempt to streamline the display of a user's 'likes' on Tumblr. The grid is based off of the archive page, and uses REST calls to the Tumblr API to populate the tiles.


  • PHP for OATH authentication with Tumblr
  • CoffeeScript
  • mustache.js for template rendering
  • Tumblr's own styles and images

If you have a tumblr account, you can try the grid out on your own likes.

Tumblr Likes Grid

Enjoy! -Ben