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.DEFAULT_GOAL := update
.PHONY: build css check page prepare update upgrade
bundle install --path vendor/bundle
bundle exec pluto help
git pull
python3 fetch-feeds -o build
# sometime it fails but works the next time
bundle exec pluto update planet.ini \
|| bundle exec pluto update planet.ini
# it looks like pluto does not call sass itself
mkdir -p build/css
sassc planet-devfeeds/css/page.scss build/css/page.css
sassc planet-devfeeds/css/news.scss build/css/news.css
sassc planet-devfeeds/css/github.scss build/css/github.css
sassc planet-devfeeds/css/gitlab.scss build/css/gitlab.css
# it automatically finds planet-devfeeds/news.txt
bundle exec pluto merge -t news -o build planet.ini
# file was rendered to a temporary file because there can be some race condition
# between pluto rendering this page and people querying the page from server
# hence we copy the page when it's ready, which is fast (uses CoW if possible)
cp -a --reflink=auto build/news.html build/index.html
build: css page
update: fetch build
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