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Planet Pluto for Unvanquished development feeds

Welcome to Planet Pluto. (Auto-)build your own (static) planet news site from Unvanquished development feeds.

Step 0: Clone

To get started:

Use git and clone this repo e.g.

git clone

Step 1: Install the Planet Pluto Machinery / Tool

To install the planet pluto tools and libraries use ruby's bundler e.g.

cd pluto-devfeeds
make prepare

Ruby's bundler will use the Gemfile to know what you want to install and will generate a Gemfile.lock that will list all libraries with all dependencies and versions locked down.

Step 2: Build the Planet


make check

to check up on your pluto installation. It must print the pluto help.

Now build the sample starter planet. Try:


This will

  1. fetch all feeds listed in planet.ini and

  2. store all entries in a local single-file SQLite database, that is, planet.db in your working folder and

  3. generate a planet web page, that is, index.html in your build/ folder using the devfeeds template pack in the planet-devfeeds folder using all feed entries from the local database. It also builds custom css using sass.

Open up build/index.html in your web browser to see your planet web page. Voila!

What's Next?

Now change the planet configuration in planet.ini to fit your needs. Change the title and add your web feeds.

Look & feel. Change the starter templates in planet-devfeeds to your liking.

Happy planet!

Questions 'n' Answers

Q: How can I update the web feeds and (re)build the planet page(s)?

A: Rerun the command:


That's it ;-) The pluto feed fetcher will use conditional HTTP get requests and content hash checks for web feeds etc.

Q: For testing how can I (re)build the planet pages(s) WITHOUT fetching the web feeds?

A: Use the build target:

make build

Q: How can I update the web feeds WITHOUT (re)building the planet page(s)?

A: Use the update target:

make update




The pluto.starter scripts and templates are dedicated to the public domain. To be kind, the pluto-devfeeds deviation is dedicated to public domain too. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

For Pluto related questions, send them along to the wwwmake Forum/Mailing List, for Unvanquished related questions, send them along the Unvanquished forum. Thanks!

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