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A trac plugin to move a ticket from one trac to a sibling trac.
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Allows copying or moving a ticket from one trac to a sibling trac (i.e. a trac-environment in the same parent folder as the current trac environment).

The user will need the TICKET_ADMIN privilege on the current trac and TICKET_CREATE privilege on the target trac.

This plugin adds a new Action (alongside "leave as new", "resolve as __", "accept", etc) of "Move to DROPDOWNLIST and Delete Ticket CHECKBOX" I.e. you can move the ticket somewhere else and optionally delete it from here (if you click the checkbox).

The DROPDOWNLIST is populated with all trac environments that are siblings to the current one. Permissions are checked on the target trac when you actually attempt to move a ticket to there.

A screenshot showing what it looks like


This plugin requires TracSqlHelperScript, though installing with pip handles this automatically.

It is known to work with Trac 1.0 though I believe it will work with Trac 0.12 as well.


  1. python install the plugin. If you install with pip (e.g. pip install .) it will handle the TracSqlHelperScript dependency for you.

  2. Ensure the component is active either through the web admin or by adding to trac.ini

    ticketmoverplugin.ticketmover = enabled
  1. In trac.ini enable this as a workflow provider. Under the [ticket] section add TicketMover to the workflow list (comma delimitted). e.g.
    workflow = ConfigurableTicketWorkflow,TicketMover
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