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Teach expressions how to deal with identity columns

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1 parent 54c765c commit 43ebc59a11ebc66f3405e85f6aba5351ab707fb3 @UnwashedMeme committed with Feb 22, 2008
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@@ -991,7 +991,9 @@ uninclusive, and the args from that keyword to the end."
(cons (symbol-name-default-case "ZEROFILL") "ZEROFILL")
(cons (symbol-name-default-case "AUTO-INCREMENT") "AUTO_INCREMENT")
(cons (symbol-name-default-case "DEFAULT") "DEFAULT")
- (cons (symbol-name-default-case "UNIQUE") "UNIQUE")))
+ (cons (symbol-name-default-case "UNIQUE") "UNIQUE")
+ (cons (symbol-name-default-case "IDENTITY") "IDENTITY (1,1)") ;; added for sql-server support
+ ))
(defmethod database-constraint-statement (constraint-list database)
(declare (ignore database))

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