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Svelte language support for VS Code
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Svelte for VS Code

Provides syntax highlighting and rich intellisense for Svelte components in VS Code, utilising the svelte language server.


  • Svelte
    • Diagnostic messages for warnings and errors
    • Support for svelte preprocessors that provide source maps
  • HTML
    • Hover info
    • Autocompletions
    • Emmet
    • Formatting
    • Symbols in Outline panel
    • Diagnostic messages for syntax and lint errors
    • Hover info
    • Autocompletions
    • Formatting (via prettier)
    • Emmet
    • Color highlighting and color picker
    • Symbols in Outline panel
  • TypeScript / JavaScript
    • Diagnostics messages for syntax and semantic errors
    • Hover info
    • Formatting (via prettier)
    • Symbols in Outline panel

More features coming soon.



Path to the node executable you would like to use to run the language server. This is useful when you depend on native modules such as node-sass as without this they will run in the context of vscode, meaning v8 version mismatch is likely.


Check out the settings editor in vs code to configure / disable any feature provided.

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